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Saw It On Social: Summersalt Swim

Earlier this week, I asked followers of my Facebook page to tell me what SioS posts they wanted to see.  And the votes came in hard for Summersalt Swimsuits, which is an easy post because I’ve already purchased one, spending my own money.  So let’s chat about the hottest swimwear brand in your social media channels.

This photo of Jules Sarinana was what finally pushed me to buy a Summersalt swimsuit.  When I saw it, I was momentarily enraptured.  Do I need a white swimsuit?  Do I need to be a perfectly bronzed goddess relaxing by the shore?  Am I suddenly craving oranges?

Yes to all of the above.

And so, a white Sidestroke swimsuit was ordered, and a white swimsuit arrived.  But white swimsuits are not for everyone.  Because white swimsuits are impossibly revealing, and after 14-years of desk-sitting and sporadic exercise, white is not my swimsuit color.

The suit style, however, was on point.  The one-shoulder with an open back and a folded-fabric front deserved a second look.  And while I disliked all of the tri-colored styles, a simple black suit never hurt anybody.


First, let’s talk for a moment about what makes Summersalt just a little bit better than most swimsuit brands.

Unlike so many swimwear retailers, Summersalt seems to understand that buying a swimsuit from a picture on the Internet is a challenge.  Questions about fit, coverage, bust support and compression are difficult to answer when looking at a photo.  So Summersalt tries to answer them for you.

That is a fairly descriptive size guide.  I appreciate that one-piece suits and bikinis have a different size chart because they don’t fit the same.  I’m grateful for a discussion about how the swimsuit will actually cover and support my body.  And I deeply thankful that they offer long-torso styles because, as an owner of one of those, it can make swimwear shopping a challenge.

As for whether they can support an ample bust, the brand believes that their suits do.  But I’m in no position to judge that for myself being a smaller cup size.

Another thing I like about Summersalt is that, while the models are all beautiful, they’re not all svelte, busty Victoria’s Secret Angels.  The sizing on most suits runs from 0-24 and the models reflect that range.

And, in addition to being size inclusive, Summersalt also makes swimwear for women whose religious beliefs require more coverage.  This isn’t something you see much of at more mainstream brands, and I appreciate the acknowledgment that some women have different needs.

As for their return policy (bye, white swimsuit!), they offer free returns and exchanges and 30-days to return an unworn style.  I found the turnaround time on my exchange ran about 10-days, which is about average for the industry.


Now, let’s talk about other Summersalt styles that I think are really gorgeous because the Summersalt brand stocks some very unique styles.

I adore their Belted Cove swimsuit.  It has a sleek shape, comes in fun color combinations, and the tie-belt defines the waist while offering a bit more coverage if you want it.

A wrap swimsuit is everything I didn’t know that I always wanted.  I love the look of the Perfect Wrap swimsuit.  There’s a reason that it’s sold out in almost every size; I truly hope it’s available in yours.

If you need a higher leg opening than most swimwear provides their Mid-Rise swim bottoms are for you.  For some reason, they’re limited edition, which seems short-sighted.  But, hopefully, they keep them around.

Lastly, Summersalt introduced me to the concept of the ‘resort dress,’ a frock that doubles as beach and brunch attire.  This dotted dress is a particularly cute one, but you can check out all of their cover-up dresses to find the one that pairs with your swimsuit best.


Bottom Line: I like the Summersalt brand.  I think the swimwear is well-made, the sizing is inclusive, and the bright colors and prints are fun and beachy.  And the price point, while a smidge high at almost $100 for a swimsuit  is worth it for the quality of an item you can wear for many seasons to come.

My only minor concern is that the popularity of the brand could put you at the rooftop pool wearing the same suit as all of the other girls.  But since the only pool I’m going to see in 2020 is a kiddie pool in my backyard, not so much of a worry this year.

As with all SioS items, my Sidestroke swimsuit was purchased with my own money.  No gifts or money were requested or exchanged in payment for this post.  But the brand does offer an affiliate program via Shopstyle, so I might earn a small commission if you buy through the links in the post.



  1. CP says:

    This is so timely, thanks. Last month, I was between a swimsuit from Summersalt and Boden, and went with Boden, thinking I would use it somewhere (probably also my kiddie pool) for 4th of July weekend. I got an email saying that the swimsuit shipped on 5/31/20, but there’s no tracking update available beyond that. I contacted Boden last week and they said that it’s on the way but it didn’t sound like they knew where it was either. Long story short, I’m probably going to cancel the order and go with Summersalt.

    June 25, 2020/Reply
    • Diane says:

      I have had super slow shipping from overseas lately (Boden ships from England), but I have three Boden swimsuits and LOVE them. So consider waiting it out!

      June 26, 2020/Reply
    • Shawna says:

      I second the love for Boden suits! I’ve owned a Boden one piece for 2 years and love it. I tried Summersalt last year and it just didn’t fit my body right. I hope the suit arrives on time!

      June 28, 2020/Reply
  2. Carissa says:

    Super cute suits, but can confirm that there is NO bust support if needed. I loved everything else about the experience, but ended up going with Lands End (and I adore this new suit).

    June 25, 2020/Reply
    • MM says:

      Agree – I had the same experience. Ordered the deep dive since it said it had cups, but it just didn’t have enough support. I’d order the side stroke in a heartbeat if I thought there was even a chance of it being supportive enough. I truly don’t understand how there are so few (cute) one pieces that satisfy this need!

      June 25, 2020/Reply
      • Amy says:

        +1 – I have a very small bust but since there is NO lift in these suits I basically just got smushed down flat as a pancake. I guess that’s supportive but it certainly isn’t flattering! I find Jcrew and La Blanca to be the best options cute one-pieces with some support.

        June 26, 2020/Reply
        • CP says:

          Highly recommend Bravissimo for swimsuits with coverage. I’m a 34G which is just never going to fit in any normal swimsuit, and love that they have suits (1 and 2 piece) that are fitted by bra size. This spring I got 1 piece I feel good about for the first time in probably a decade. They do ship from the UK but even with the state of customs, mine was here within 2 weeks.

          June 26, 2020/Reply
          • CP says:

            Not sure why I said coverage when what I obviously meant was support.

            June 26, 2020/Reply
        • Stephanie says:

          Yes same. I’m medium– 32D, and it flattened down my boobs uncomfortably, with nothing below them so I kept wanting to pull my boobs up and adjust the shoulders. I’d rather have “no support” and not be smashed. And yet I don’t want a “support” matronly suit for giant boobs. Jcrew and Seafolly have been my go to choices.

          June 27, 2020/Reply
    • Caitlin says:

      Unsolicited swimsuit advice for busty ladies: my all-time favourite swimwear is from Knixwear, which is a Canadian company. I have one of their tie-front bikini tops (similar to their peekaboo style top from the current season) and it is hands-down the most flattering, supportive swimsuit top I own. I’m a 34DD and this is the only suit I own that offers legitimate support and structure. Not only do my boobs look fantastic, they feel supported and I’m not worried about popping out of my top.

      June 26, 2020/Reply
  3. kate says:

    These are awesome! How did I not know about these folks? – because after 20 years old reliable needs to find it’s way to the round file. Because even though I want to wear a bikini – a stylish one piece might do the trick. Most excellent and timely post.

    June 25, 2020/Reply
  4. Elz says:

    Thanks, I’ve been wondering about this brand. Sadly no place to wear this year where anyone can see me. But, next year (please let us have an effective and available vaccine by then!), next year I’m buying from them!

    June 25, 2020/Reply
  5. Courtney says:

    For my fellow bargain hunters out there I recommend the Talbots online sale section. They often have some really serious discounts on swim suits. Two years ago I bought a couple of Miraclesuits that were about $100 off original price.

    June 25, 2020/Reply
  6. Kit says:

    Has anyone had any issues with the suits being too sheer? I really like the look of them and was considering ordering, but then I read reviews on the Nordstrom website and there are numerous complaints about how it shows too much – both when wet and dry.

    June 25, 2020/Reply
    • Claire says:

      I didn’t think they were sheer when dry… I tried the red and white striped and it had cups and a lining in the crotch area. Can’t speak to wet, as I ended up returning them (they’re great, well made suits but I needed a long torso and they were out of my size/color combo).

      June 26, 2020/Reply
  7. Claire says:

    I can speak to Summersalt overall quality. I fell in love with their loungewear at the start of the pandemic and have added pieces from their swim collection in last few months. I own the dotted dress Abra shared and am obsessed and want more color/patterns – so easy breezy, machine washable, doesn’t wrinkle, so flattering – it’s the dream.

    June 25, 2020/Reply
  8. SacDhar says:

    Hi Abra! i tried summersalt last summer and was really disappointed in their support for large bust. It is not clear from their website, but NONE of their styles have underwire. I tried on 6 or 7 styles. most were cute, but NOT supportive at all. I did keep the plain black sidestroke, because sometimes you need a very chic black suit for lounging and looking cute… but it is not the suit i grab when i am going to be active or chasing my kiddo.

    I have not looked at their new styles in the last year. if they incorporated underwire in their designs, i would certainly take a second look.

    June 26, 2020/Reply
  9. Nellie says:

    It also seems like the legs are cut really high? that’s not always a flattering look for curvier/larger bodies, not to mention I’d rather skip that part of hair removal during COVID.

    June 29, 2020/Reply