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Beauty at Home: Zen and the Art of Eyebrow Maintenance

I regret nothing. Except how thin my eyebrows were in high school.  And college.  And my 20s.

I’ve basically been growing my eyebrows back in, in phases, since 2013.  It’s been a long process, but they were over plucked for decades, so it takes time.  If you’ve been considering growing your brows back in, I can’t think of a better time to start the process.      Because while it takes about four months to see full results, the first 3-4 weeks are the hardest.

Using a serum, like Rogaine or Grandelash will help.  Taking a prenatal vitamin will also help.

Not looking to grow them back in?  I don’t wax.  I was burned with hot sugaring solution in my teens.  I don’t use wax on my face now.

Instead, I use a good pair of tweezers and an electric razor made for small jobs.  But getting good brows is more about the shape — where they start, arch, and end.  This chart is a good guide.

As for removal, I start with this pencil-shaped Flawless Touch razor. It’s perfect for brows.  I use it for regular trims in between my brows and underneath.  This keeps things clean, while preventing me from overdoing it.

Then, I tweeze to maintain the shape.  These tips are a good guide for the best way to tweeze, and what not to do.  These Blink Bar  Brow Tweezers are the best ones I’ve ever used.

If you prefer to use wax, this microwaveable kit from Sally Hansen is a good place to start.

Have tips or recommendations to share?  Leave them in the comments.  None of us want to leave quarantine looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

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  1. Ana says:

    So interesting- hadn’t considered an epilator for face before. Do you use it for other areas (upper lip?). I’m pretty sure my upper lip hair is visible but I’ve always been scared of making it worse so it just stays there. Definitely growing out my brows now

    April 9, 2020/Reply
    • sunnyia says:

      Caveat: the link above is not for an epilator. It’s a razor in a fancy case. If you’re going to shave, I’d recommend the Schick eyebrow razors. (Bonus: these are great for at-home dermaplaning.) One big drawback to the one linked is that you can’t replace the blades when it gets dull. As for actual epilating: you can use it on your lip. But it HURTS LIKE HECK.

      April 9, 2020/Reply
      • Kathryn W says:

        I second this! Don’t do it!!! I have a relatively high pain tolerance and elipating is too much for me (for reference I did my legs post-shower and had to take second shower after finishing because I was SWEATING because it hurt so much).

        High school – mid-college I waxed, but then I discovered depilatory creams (Aveeno and Sally Hansen work well. Sally Hansen is cheaper, but Aveeno offers a thick-hair option if you need it). Depilatories are cheaper and save you the embarrassment of walking out of a salon with inflamed skin (I’m white and it looked like I was a toddler who just ate a cherry popsicle). Didn’t grow back thicker–that’s a myth.

        April 9, 2020/Reply
      • Belle says:

        What I like about the “razor in a fancy case” is the size, the shape, and the ease of use. But also, unlike an actual derma planing razor, it doesn’t make my acne worse.

        Also, the Flawless Touch doesn’t hurt.

        April 9, 2020/Reply
        • Pam says:

          Agree. I have a flawless touch product for the face the one the size of a lipstick and it has replaceable heads and doesn’t feel like anything at all. No pain

          April 9, 2020/Reply
        • ANA says:

          Thanks everyone for your replies. I’m still wondering Belle and others – do you use this fancy razor on the upper lip, or just wax? Thanks!

          April 9, 2020/Reply
          • Belle says:

            I use it on my upper lip.

            April 10, 2020/Reply
    • MARY says:

      I strongly advise against using an actual epilator on your face. Speaking from personal experience, it’s very easy for the spinning tweezers to grab your skin in fleshy places like your lip and eye area, and that will leave a nasty bruise (and maybe even draw blood) which will take a long time to heal and look way worse than any stray hairs.

      April 9, 2020/Reply
  2. Christine S. says:

    I’ve had a lot of luck with eyebrow threading, actually – I’m able to get a more natural shape that way. Right now I’m occasionally tweezing to maintain my shape and just hoping that my brows still look okay by the time my threader opens back up.

    April 10, 2020/Reply
  3. wendy says:

    during this quarantine I was dermablading my face and well…accidently shaved off half an eyebrow haha. Luckily there was a walgreens nearby. Its growing back in, but I actually like the pencil added look.

    April 10, 2020/Reply