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The ‘Lazy’ Hairstyle Taking Over Pinterest

I think that might be the most click-bait-y headline that I have ever written.   But the hairstyle is actually a really good idea for dry-shampoo days.


It’s called a Banana Bun, and it hit Instagram last fall, only to find a second trend wave thanks to the current crisis.  It’s essentially a cooler, trendier replacement for the top knot.  And the nice thing about the style is that it can be as messy or as sleek as you want (though traditional, deconstructed and wild is best).

The essential video tutorial from Jenny Cho can be found on Byrdie’s Facebook page.  But you will need a few things before you dive in.

I save my good dry shampoo for days when I wear my hair down, and I keep a can of Cake volumizing dry shampoo for updo days.  You will also need a teasing brush (no need to splurge here) for really making the most of the hair that you have.  And for a little something extra, I bought a couple of decorative hair pins.

I’m still mastering the technique, which once you get the stepson your head, takes <7 minutes.  But the one tip I can offer you is  this, for whatever reason, this hairstyle turns out the best when you’re in a rush and not thinking about it.  If I try to do a good job, it’s never quite right.  When I’m racing the clock to a Zoom call, it always looks better.

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