Style + Happy Hour

Happy Hour: A Grown-Up Cocoa

God Bless, Camille Styles.  She always knows just how to make the season bright.  And today, she is lighting up my holiday with a boozy peppermint hot chocolate that’s perfect for Christmas morning (with virgin cocoas for the kids).

Camille’s recipe features Dutch process cocoa, peppermint extract, heavy cream, and other goodies.  But don’t skip on the pinch of salt (I actually add more of a dash).  Salt in cocoa or chocolate milk takes it from every day to delicious.

As for the extras, I love these Reindeer Mugs from Pottery Barn.  Or go for something simpler, like these Crate & Barrel  stoneware mugs.

To decorate, I like these cookie cutters that let you make mini-gingerbread houses to sit on the edge of the mugs.  It’s a fun activity , and they’re very tasty.

Everlane has some amazing loungewear.  These cashmere sweatpants are a phenomenal option.  I also like these fleece sweatpants, which look impossibly warm.  Plus-size?  I found these fleece joggers.

Looking for an under-$50 option?  These cable-knit cashmere joggers are pretty fab.

{image by Nathan Anderson; this post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author}