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Saw It On Social: SheerTex

On Monday, I had never heard of Sheertex nylons.  By Friday, I’d seen a half-dozen ads and received a similar number of DMs asking if I’d tried them.  Sounds like a recipe for a Saw It On Social.

Sheertex bills itself as the world’s first “unbreakable” sheer nylon.  Their nylons are allegedly rip and snag resistant, with pairs lasting up to 10x longer than standard nylons.  They claim the material resists tears by being  “self-healing,” reforming itself after its pulled or stretched.  They also tout the material’s stain, odor, and moisture resistance.

The brand offers several products from classic sheers, to ultra-sheers, to thigh highs.   Because I don’t wear nylons often, I decided to stick with the $59 classic sheers.  I would have reviewed the ultra sheers (given that, when talking about nylons, the thinner, the better), but they ran almost $120 and only came in black, which was a disappointment.

My order arrived quickly, packaged in a brightly decorated, recyclable cardboard tube.  The package also contained a “test piece” of nylon so I could try to stretch, snag and tear the material til my heart was content.  And because #millenials, the company provided some fun stickers featuring inspirational phrases like “tough cookie” and “#Iamunbreakable.”

The fact that the packaging color scheme and sticker inserts were clearly geared toward a younger crowd should have been my first clue that something was wrong.  Because if you’re making unbreakable nylons, shouldn’t women of a certain age with professional jobs, not college girls and twenty-somethings, be your target demo?

Putting on the nylons, I realized instantly that this was not the product for me.  The material was thick.  Like cheap tights from CVS thick.  Looking in the mirror, I can only compare my appearance to a 1990s figure skater.  (Perhaps, I could wear them for a Halloween costume?)

The nylons allowed me to bend and move well.  But the material felt heavy and thick on my skin, a sensation that did not go away even hours later.  And the thicker fabric in the waistband started to pinch by hour four despite the fact that my measurements put me well within the medium size range.

When testing a Saw It On Social product, I often investigate the company’s return policy, since difficult returns are a hassle and a scourge upon womankind.  But this might be the first time that I’ve ever purchased a product and felt the need to actually return it.  But when I went to their website, I discovered that there was no return policy listed at the bottom of their main page, which is standard practice.

I then Googled “Sheertex FAQ” to discover that their FAQ page was blank.  Completely blank.  At this point, I decided to e-mail customer service.

Their response came promptly, but was wholly unsatisfying.  The agent informed me that they accept returns only for store credit or exchange, and only within 30-days.  I guess they either haven’t anticipated someone being displeased with their product or simply don’t care whether you are satisfied.  After all, if the product really lasts 10x longer than regular hose, repeat business may not be a thing.

Bottom Line: The hose are more like flesh-colored tights.  To my eye, they looked like something Tara Lipinski would wear atop the Olympic medal podium.  And as I was wearing them, I never felt comfortable in my own skin.  Frankly, the whole experience transported me back to my elementary school jazz class days.  Not a trip down memory lane that I want to recreate when I’m standing in a courtroom or running through the Capitol.

Further, no returns?  On a product that runs between $60 and $120?  Totally absurd.  And the lack of transparency about that return policy on their website doesn’t exactly make the customer feel valued.  (Update: The company responded to my email, unprompted, offering a refund about an hour after I shared this post. I appreciate the offer, but you shouldn’t have to fight for a refund on a product that didn’t meet expectations.)

If you need tights to wear while stumbling out of a bar at 3:00AM, after buying expensive nylons and White Claws on your parents’ credit card, this might be the product for you.  But if you were hoping for something that looks professional, is comfortable, and won’t snag when exiting a taxi while running back to the office for an emergency, these are not the nylons you’re looking for.

Like all Saw It On Social Posts, the Sheertex Nylons that I tried for this post were purchased with my own money.  I know, because their draconian return policy has left me $60 poorer.  But hey, I got some fun stickers.

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  1. SC says:

    Jeezus, $120?!?! Noooooope. Thank you for the review, though…I’ll be sticking with Commando tights and their magical tummy panel.

    October 16, 2019/Reply
  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you!! I saw this and was wondering, so you saved me the research myself!

    October 16, 2019/Reply
  3. Lisa says:

    But we kind of need a picture of you dressed up as a figure skater for Halloween now…

    October 16, 2019/Reply
    • Sarah says:

      That’s an amazing bright side lol. Backup halloween costume!

      October 17, 2019/Reply
  4. Nadine says:

    I had a similar experience with social-media promoted Gekks, which are meant to be such great “no show” socks that you will toss all your others. They gave me blisters and I hated them immediately. Almost $40.00 CAD later, they can’t be returned.

    October 16, 2019/Reply
    • Cait says:

      So glad to hear someone’s review of Gekks! I’ve been seeing their ads and have been really tempted to get them, but they’re a little pricey for socks. Won’t waste my money now!

      October 17, 2019/Reply
      • ShawNa says:

        For what it’s worth, I took the plunge on gekks and love mine. I’m the kind of person who gets smelly feet if I don’t wear socks and I hate those little liners that constantly fall off. I found gekks to be the perfect solution. My feet don’t smell after a day of work and I don’t get that “fallen sock” feeling. I started with just 1 pair and now have 4. Definitely look for a coupon code though because you’re right it’s pricey!

        October 17, 2019/Reply
    • A says:

      The Smartwool Secret Sleuth are amazing no show socks that were life changing for me, and I can typically find them on sale for around $10 a pair.

      October 17, 2019/Reply
      • Danielle says:

        Yes! I think these are the smart wool sock I bought at the Nordstrom sale. I sometimes get blisters or bad rubbing with thin microfiber or cotton no-show socks, but I’ve walked over 10 miles a day multiple times (including today!) in the smart wool socks with no rubbing, heel slipping, blistering, or any sock issues. And the wool absorbs sweat/water (puddles) and dries quickly. I hate wearing socks in summer and these are the absolute best!

        October 18, 2019/Reply
    • Rachel says:

      Bombas no shows are great. You can get them direct from site or sometimes on Nordstrom

      October 18, 2019/Reply
  5. YCoh says:

    Oh major bummer! I’ve been meaning to try these hose, they don’t promise anything crazy, but I love the size range and that they don’t call beige “nude”. However, you might find 30 denier hose a little more opaque than you like.


    October 16, 2019/Reply
  6. Kathleen Lisson says:

    Thanks so much for this review!

    October 16, 2019/Reply
  7. Jessica says:

    As always, thanks for keeping it real. I laughed out loud a few times while reading this and will NOT be making the same mistake.

    October 16, 2019/Reply
  8. MEaghan says:

    These have been taking over my feeds as well, so I’m glad to hear an honest opinion. Thanks for this review! The Saw It On Social reviews have been some of my favorite blog posts.

    October 16, 2019/Reply
  9. MM says:

    How in the world does an online company in 2019 not have a stated return policy on their website?? Truly baffling. Sorry it ended up being a waste of money, but very much appreciate the candid review (as always)!

    October 16, 2019/Reply
  10. SIobhan says:

    That’s a LOT of money for Hooter Hose.

    October 16, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I purposefully did not use that comparison, but it is not wrong… 😉

      October 16, 2019/Reply
  11. A says:

    Will take actual nylon recommendations – emphasis on comfort.

    October 16, 2019/Reply
    • J says:

      It has been a long time since I’ve worn them, but I used to have good luck with various styles from Victoria’s Secret.

      October 17, 2019/Reply
  12. Jill says:

    A million thanks for this. Think I’ll stick with Donna Karan tights in the two pack from Costco or bare legs. 😉

    October 16, 2019/Reply
  13. E says:

    This is everything. Thank you for your honest reviews and for putting your money down so we can learn about these products!

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  14. Kate says:

    Thank you for reviewing! As a 30 something in a conservative profession, I was really hoping I found a solution to my bare legs problem. Appreciate your willingness to take the plunge on our behalf!!

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  15. Addie says:

    Most of the time I prefer sheer hose over black tights once it gets to the point in the year when totally bare legs look absurd. But I also get tired of buying new pairs all Winter, so I was considering trying these out. Thank you so much for saving me the money and hassle. Features like this definitely keep me coming back to this blog!

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  16. Ana says:

    Thanks for the review… and I hope they gave your money back in the end! Good to know that these aren’t actually sheers… Until there’s hose that actually lives up to the promise, I’ll just figure out a way to not grow weirldy sharp toenails!

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  17. Janine says:

    Thanks for the warning on this brand. It has just hit hose/tights temperature in DC, and I’m taking stock of my winter legwear. I was wondering if you would consider writing a post on what the hose/tights trends for business casual and casual are this year (sheer? opaque? patterns?) and a refresher on your fave brands. Many thanks!!

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  18. Marie says:

    I was literally thisssss close to buying these last night…the promise of sturdy nylons is SO ALLURING. :'(

    Do you have any recommendations for sturdy, decent-looking nylons with control tops???

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  19. cait says:

    Have you seen the ads for “magnetic” eyelashes? Any thoughts on that as a future Saw it on Social post?

    October 17, 2019/Reply
    • Crystal Canterbury says:

      I actually tried them out! Here are my two cents:
      1. If you’re getting the ‘sandwich’ style (rather than the style that adheres to magnetic eyeliner), choose ones half as thick as you think you want — remember, it will double up on your lash.
      2. The learning curve is a *****. Watch some videos and accept some time investment. Some people cut them into smaller pieces between the magnets, which may help.
      3. If you have a metal sensitivity, the magnets on your eyelid may cause some mild irritation/itchiness/wateriness.
      4. I tried two brands and one was WAY better for me than the other, so it may require some trial and error.

      October 17, 2019/Reply
  20. Nancy Wachs says:

    I can’t stop laughing at this review. This is one of my faves, and I’ve been reading you since the beginning. You’ve made my day!!

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  21. MargaretO says:

    THANK YOU for posting this I was about to email to request a review bc they have also flooded my timeline recently! Is there any chance you could write up a guide to not ripping hose/tights while putting them on? I can’t believe that at 30 I’m still asking this question but…..I am, and you seem like the blogger who would best be able to guide me on this.

    October 17, 2019/Reply
    • Mary says:

      Use rubber kitchen gloves to put on your tights and pantyhose. Bunch up the whole leg, start at the toe and gently smooth into place.

      November 15, 2019/Reply
  22. Staci Evangeline says:

    I looked at these via a Facebook add. I clicked out when I saw the price.

    Fwiw I swear by White House Black Market for tights. They are the only brand I buy anymore.

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  23. Shawna says:

    Thank you for this review! I too got this company all over my social media seemingly overnight and was really tempted to buy a pair. Definitely will be avoiding now!

    October 17, 2019/Reply
  24. LS says:

    Saw it on social is one of my favorite segments! Thank you for your honest reviews.

    October 18, 2019/Reply
  25. Caitlin says:

    I impulse bought two pair; one black and one charcoal (flash sale and free shipping, still expensive though). I don’t own any sheer tights because all my old pairs ripped and I don’t wear “nude” hose anyway.

    I don’t hate them? They have a weird, strong chemical smell when you take them out of the package, which is off-putting. I also found the waistband quite comfortable; it didn’t pinch or roll down on me (I have a pretty rectangular body shape). The crotch, however, did sag a bit more than I would like which is my #1 hose-related pet peeve. As a former figure skater, I definitely didn’t have the same “dance tights” reaction! I’ll have to see how they hold up but I give them….like a 6/10. Probably not worth the money, but not terrible, either.

    October 22, 2019/Reply
  26. Elizabeth Rousseau says:

    I’m having a bad time with my Sheertex pantyhose too. They arrived with a snag, make a striped pattern on my legs, and I’ve gotten no response from emailing the company. Even if they did not have these flaws, the thick, rough texture of the nylon is not what I want to wear.

    December 21, 2019/Reply