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Happy Hour: A Harvest Cocktail

Vodka soda is my go-to drink.  It’s simple, low in calories, and refreshing.  It’s also impossibly boring.

So to spice things up, I spotted this article in Cosmopolitan featuring 15 vodka cocktails for fall.  Among their number was this delightful looking cocktail called Autumn Harvest Punch.

The Punch was one of the simpler cocktails on the list containing sliced fruit, vodka, apple cider, and lemon juice.  It would be the perfect thing to make in large batches and serve at parties.  And since it’s served cold, it doesn’t have to be fall weather for you to enjoy it.

LL Bean makes the best fisherman’s sweaters on the market.  This tunic length sweater is my favorite because the shirttail hem offers more coverage.  (Shorter sweaters always seem to expose my lower back when I move around, which can be chilly.)  The sweater runs a little large, so check the size guide, and if you’re close to the smaller size, size down.  The sweater is also 100% cotton for those with a wool allergy.

If you prefer a shorter length, their Signature Sweater hits higher on the hip.

Since I already own a simple fisherman’s sweater, I snapped up this LL Bean funnel neck version.  I love the relaxed look and the front pocket.  This sweater is more fitted than the one above, so I stuck true to my size.  There were 75 reviews for this item, so look for someone in your size range and see what they said about the fit before purchasing.

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  1. Jessica C says:

    I had looked at the Fisherman tunic for about 2 years before I finally bought it, and I was SO sad to return it 🙁 It was incredibly bulky on me and the neck was really weird. I absolutely love that sweater so I was super sad it didn’t work out for me.

    October 4, 2019/Reply
    • B says:

      I also have bought and returned the LLBean fisherman tunic previously, and the same was true for me. Terrible fabric, bulky, scratchy and inflexible, yet oddly loose weave in some places. Terrible fit, runs large but the arms and neck especially fit oddly and the zippers on the side are a disaster. It was so bulky I couldn’t fit my fall jackets over it cleanly without odd lumps in the sleeves (not a problem normally). Not a winter sweater at all. A real loser.

      October 4, 2019/Reply
    • LA says:

      Same, the fabric was not very soft, and it was bulky and unflattering.

      I wish they had an in between length between the tunic and the signature sweater, which hits above the hip.

      October 4, 2019/Reply