Five Dresses/Five Days: A Spring Sheath

Let’s talk about work dresses. All I want in a work dress is a good fit, a long enough hemline, and a damn sleeve.  Cap, short, 3/4, long, I honestly don’t care.  A sleeve just makes life easier.

This Maggy London sheath from Amazon runs between $69 and $138 depending on the size you need (most sizes appeared to be cheaper).  The dress comes in this lovely navy or a pretty pink primrose color.

Prefer long sleeves? This Maggy London dress is perfect for work cocktail parties.  Plus-size?  I couldn’t find the exact dress above, but I did fine this sleeveless (I know, I know) a-line dress.

As for how to wear it, I love it with a simple, white, one-button blazer.  For a more casual office, a breezy cardigan in pale blue.

Looking for more affordable dresses from Maggy London?  I have a couple that I love.  She really understands dressing for work.  Check the widget below for some of her new things.



  1. Laura says:

    I have that Maggy London dress in navy. I get so many compliments on it. It has a front, centered slit which makes it interesting. It’s well made and wears well. I even bought it 2 size up and wore it until my late 2nd trimester and it looked great. Highly recommend.

    April 30, 2019/Reply
    • rebecca says:

      How is the slit when you’re sitting? I always worry about how that might look. Is it ok? Not too revealing?

      May 1, 2019/Reply
      • Laura says:

        The dress is actually pretty long. I am 5’7″ and it comes about to the bottom part of my kneecap when standing. A shorter person would definitely need it hemmed but I liked the length. Because the length is a tad longer than other sheaths, I found the slit to be appropriate and not an issue at all.

        May 1, 2019/Reply