Introducing Of a Kind

Recently, I’ve received several emails about a new book called “Work Wife.”  The book discusses how leveraging female friendships can help women build successful businesses.  And reading so much about this book, got me interested in the authors and their store, Of a Kind.

The Of a Kind is to sell a carefully curated selection of niche brands.  Many of the pieces come in limited quantities that are marked with “50 Of a Kind,” hence the name.  I loved the look of the store, and a few of the products stood out, so I thought I’d share them here.

Favor Crescent Hairpin ($34)

Grand Slim Clutch (4 colors, $129)

Alma Weekly Planning Notepad ($14)

Rohr Remedy Desert Lime Moisturizer ($25)

*Such a light, fresh scent, and very moisturizing.

Mirrored Moon Studs ($195)

*I love how these earrings blend the traditional sparkly stud with a modern look.



  1. Cait says:

    Slightly off-topic but I loathe the terms “Work Wife” and “Work Husband”. I *get* the play on words for it to mean women supporting other women but still.

    March 6, 2019/Reply
  2. KV says:

    Totally agree with loathing “work wife” and “work husband” as terms.

    My husband’s an ER doc and during his residency the female residents would call him and the other men in the residency program their work husbands. Felt like a slap in the face to those of us married to the residents. We already didn’t see our spouses at all. No need to remind us how much time they spent together.

    March 6, 2019/Reply
  3. Ashley says:

    Just wanted to endorse of a kind! I have been shopping there for years. They have a great curated selection of items. Great handbags, notebooks, beauty items, and jewelry. Plus, it’s a great place to buy gifts and discover new designers/brands. The co-founders (and authors of the book) also have a podcast, “a few things with Claire and Erica”, and a newsletter, “10 things”. I highly recommend all of these!

    March 6, 2019/Reply