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The Weekly Edit: On the Windward Side

I mentioned last Friday that it had been a stormy week, and a reader left the most beautiful comment about going through difficult times:  Impermanence is a gift.  Things don’t stay the same way forever.

You just have to wait for the wind to start blowing your way.  Or you just have to decide to make your own wind.

I first noticed the deep wrinkles forming around my wrists last summer.  It’s no wonder that the signs of aging have appeared on my hands.  As I spend most of my day typing, the constant flexing and moving was bound to cause some damage.  And since I’m on the short path to age 40, it was inevitable that my age would start showing itself.


Aging gracefully is skill that I’m working on.  I keep telling myself that I’ll embrace the aging process eventually, just not yet.  So I’m working on minimizing the appearance of my new wrist wrinkles.

This Verso Hand Serum ($55) has been a lifesaver, especially in the dry Montana winters.  I put a tiny amount on my hands and rub my wrists together so I don’t waste a drop.  Then, I apply lotion as usual.

I’m also applying my Suntegrity face sunscreen to my hands every day.  Though I may switch to their SPF 80 sunscreen for my hands.

If the idea of $55 hand serum seems ridiculous to you, then you are either 1) under age 35, or 2) more emotionally prepared to get older than I am.  Good for you.  But if you still want to slow down the formation of wrist wrinkles, try applying an inexpensive retinol from The Ordinary to your hands.  (I’ll probably switch to this route when my Verso runs out, but I love it so much, we’ll see.)

I hate egg whites.  Hate.  HATE.  Their flavorless, rubbery, and the jiggle makes me wince.  But I love a good scrambled egg.  Sadly, almost all scrambled eggs are dry and lifeless.  But not anymore.

These Australian Folded Eggs from TheKitchn are my new favorite thing.  They’re great for dinner with toast and a few roasted cherry tomatoes.  (If you don’t want to use heavy cream, or you don’t have any, I have also used a slurry of milk and plain yogurt.)

Four weeks back to work, and I realized that I needed to up my accessory game.  My basic stud earrings were feeling a little boring.  And since I’m not wearing much jewelry to work, I thought I’d bring a few pairs of affordable drop earrings (and one splurge-y pair) into my attire.  Here are my best picks.

Cost Plus World Market Silver/Gold Drops ($6)

Halogen Small Resin Drops ($25)

Cecelia Hinged Drop Earrings ($16)

Crystal Drop Hoops ($62)

He Committed Murder.  Then He Graduated from an Elite Law School.  Would You Hire Him as Your Lawyer?

A fascinating look at what it means to rehabilitate when your post-prison life leads you to the law.  Because if you serve your time and clean up your life, why should your post-prison life be limited?

I use a Zojirushi bottle to keep my water cold at work.  Giving up the disposable plastic bottle habit is better for the environment.  But cleaning the reusable bottles is not so fun.

I discovered these little sponge beans, and my mind is blown by how well they work.  For $8, I am spared the hassle of digging out the bottle cleaners and scrubbing until my hands are raw.  So if you love the added chore of cleaning reusable bottles, grab a set of beans.

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  1. Eileen says:

    I’m a piano teacher, so I look at hands and wrists all the time. I’ve never noticed anyone’s wrist wrinkles. Maybe you could put the hand serum money towards a killer watch or bracelet to distract yourself from the wrinkles.

    February 13, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      It’s a good thought, but I hate to wear wrist jewelry.

      February 13, 2019/Reply
  2. anna c says:

    Those sponge beans look awesome!! I always hate cleaning my water bottles and sometimes I feel like I can’t get them clean, so that looks like a great solution!!

    February 13, 2019/Reply
  3. Kate says:

    For what its worth, Abra, we are always rooting for you.
    Deciem’s Hand Chemistry line has a few products worth checking out for price alone. Its a body oil with retinol and they have hyaluronic acid body serum in a large tub with a pump. Anti-aging skincare for the whole body, under $40. That said, if the Verso brings you comfort, stick with it. It’s the little things.

    February 13, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Cool. I’l check out the Deciem.

      February 13, 2019/Reply
  4. Julia Leonard says:

    Re: scrambled eggs, my father has always been the go-to egg scrambler in our circles. People legitimately invited me to sleepovers as a kid and said “oh, will Eric make eggs in the morning?”

    He says the key to not-dry, not-lifeless eggs has nothing to do with milk or no milk, how you beat them or any tricks. It’s just never. ever. ever. taking your eyes off them. From the time the eggs go into the pan, he doesn’t look away to check if the toast is out yet, to toss the whisk in the sink, nothing. When I’ve followed that advice, I’ve never gone wrong.

    February 14, 2019/Reply
  5. Sara says:

    The “Bottle Bright” tablets (available on Amazon) are amazing for cleaning water bottles and travel coffee mugs!! No scrubbing — they seem to magically dissolve all build-up, coffee/tea stains, etc. and make any smells (like stale coffee) vanish.

    February 14, 2019/Reply
    • Rebecca says:

      +1 for Bottle Bright! The beans didn’t work as well as the tablets, in my opinion.

      February 15, 2019/Reply
  6. Jules says:

    OK not gonna lie, I had NO idea I had wrist wrinkles until I read this and now I am super aware of them 😛
    I TRY to remember to sunblock my hands, but most of the time I forget. I’ve tried putting tretinoin on it some months back, and I did see an improvement. I should start again!

    For water bottles, I use a glass one. I just put some water, dish soap, and shake it around and rinse. I only wash the mouth bit. Is that bad? LOL Well I haven’t gotten food poisoning ever from it, so I think I’ll stick to my lazy routine 🙂

    February 14, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I apologize for infecting others with this concern.

      February 14, 2019/Reply
  7. Katel says:

    FYI Beauty Pie also has a retinol hand cream. Company was founded by Marcia Kilgore who previously founded Bliss, Soap and Glory and FitFlop. It uses a monthly membership model to access discounted products. I’ve been pleased with all but one of two dozen things I’ve bought.

    February 15, 2019/Reply