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Style Translator: Brooches for Days

A few years ago, crystal brooches were very trendy.  I bought a set.  Many of you bought sets.  And much like mine, I bet yours are sitting in the back of your jewelry box, unworn, and unloved.  Let’s change that.

1. Joji Crystal Brooch Set ($15) // 2. BR Riley Tailored Shirt ($68) // 3. J.Crew Crewneck Sweatshirt ($69) // 4. Isa Tapia Silver Flats ($195) // 5. H Halston Cat Eye Sunglasses ($68) // 6. Balmain Double-Breasted Jacket ($2,497)

This outfit has a stylish, layers look to it.  It mixes the crispness of a white button-up with the relaxed style of a cozy sweatshirt.  And to top it all off, a chic, menswear-inspired double breasted blazer.

I chose this Balmain blazer because no one else had a picture sans-model.  Obviously, buying a blazer that costs a month’s pay isn’t the norm around here.  This Boden Adelstone Blazer has great style for a much more affordable $180.  This Oasis blazer and Shein blazer are both under-$100.

Plus-size?  Try this blazer from Marks & Spencer.  Petite?  Try this 1901 double-breasted blazer.

The brooches are a similar-looking crystal spray.  Scatter them along the yoke for a bit of sparkle.  I also like this Joan Rivers bee brooch with pearl accent.

Not into the brooches?  Find an embellished sweater like this Joie sweatshirt or this one with sequin flowers on the yoke.

I added the silver flats because I think they would look lovely with this combination, picking up the shine in the brooches.  If you need ideas for bottoms, I would suggest these gray Banana Republic trousers or these Dojo wide leg jeans.

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  1. Diane says:

    Have you ever bought anything from Shein? I see the ads, but assumed it was a fly-by-night direct-from-China seller that I’ve seen so many of and seen so many complaints about. Maybe a Saw it on Social?

    January 28, 2019/Reply
    • JBindc says:

      Agree – would love to hear other ladies experiences with the SHEIN brand. Or see it as a Saw it on Social – I’ve heard mixed things from friends on fabric quality, alot of scuba like poly blends.

      Related – this is a beautiful layer effect, thanks for pulling together!

      January 28, 2019/Reply
      • Belle says:

        I’ve had pretty decent luck. I’ve just ordered two pieces. Both were H&M quality. Both looked like the photo and were unmarred. But I know not everyone has had a positive experience.

        January 28, 2019/Reply
    • Jessica says:

      Your description fits Shein well, in my opinion. I ordered 3 tops from them: one was comically small (could fit a 4 year old), one was a xl but like a small (gave that one to a friend), and the last I did order in my regular size and it fit but the only reason so is because I recently lost weight. I wouldn’t buy from them again.

      January 28, 2019/Reply
    • Pam says:

      It is a china fly by night. I purchased a jacket from one of their other companies and it came with defective sewing – the shoulder was all bunched up before it was sewn. This return policy was to only accept returns if defective. I sent them pictures of the defect several times. They offered me a %5 credit for the 39$jacket. They told me they would give me five dollars and that i could”. Keep the jacket and “pass it on or gift it to a friend”. In the end I managed to get back about 15 dollars. I paid a seamstress to take it apart and reset the shoulder. Now I’ve got too big an investment in it and it just makes me mad when I see it in the closet. I am trying to avoid buying anymore made in china clothing crap – it is always a rip off

      January 29, 2019/Reply
  2. Monica T says:

    Love the layered effect of this outfit! IRL I don’t think I could pull off the cuffed blazer with exposed sweatshirt and button-up because I struggle with layers in general. Is it a body type thing or just a some people are born with it and others (me) are not??

    On broaches, I love them and have inherited several beautiful ones from Aunts and Grandmothers. If they can be heirlooms, no passing trends will ever truly make them “out of style”.

    January 28, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Sometimes, to layer a button up, you need to wear a bodysuit to keep things smooth. I have an issue with it looking disheveled if I don’t.

      January 28, 2019/Reply
    • LS says:

      I concluded it was a body type thing a few years and stopped feeling like I was inept after that, haha. If you’re bigger in the bust, it’s really hard to get all the layers right unless they fit perfectly. Too much fabric bunching and pulling.

      January 28, 2019/Reply