Boden, My Source for Relaxed Business Attire

My new job has me running all day, and my formal business wear is not designed for it.  I need something slightly more relaxed that has some movement to it.  My first stop was Boden.

Their workwear collection always has sleek, wearable pieces.  I especially like their ponte tie front dress.  Love pants?  Even I like their 7/8 Hampshire Pants.  It’s a good place to start for basics.

Need a deal?  The Boden clearance section is loaded with lovely pieces.  If you need sweaters to finish out the season or just a couple of pieces to freshen up your wardrobe, give it a look.  I picked up this easy Friday dress for a pop of color at the end of the week.

Love shoes?  Boden always has great ones, whether you need a chic heel or a sassy sneaker.

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  1. Shawna says:

    Boden is my absolute favorite store for work clothes! I work in a casual office with a lot of tech people so there is a lot of weekday jeans. But I still like dressing up but being fun with it. I discovered Boden in late 2017 and pretty much 75% of my dresses and skirts are all Boden now! They have such great colors and prints that make pieces feel truly “yours”

    I do feel their full sale prices are too expensive but they always have sales and as you mentioned, the clearance section is great. Plus, I love the free shipping/returns – and that the box includes the return label! No need to go print anything. Their customer service is fantastic too.

    Their sizing can be a little inconsistent across styles and through lots of trial and error, I’ve figured out which of their styles, no matter how cute, don’t fit my body type but overall, I love Boden. Perhaps a little too much for my wallet’s sake 😉

    January 10, 2019/Reply
  2. A.J. says:

    I really love their dresses and have bought a few over the past couple years. They’re usually well-made (one boat-neck dress I have even has the little snaps to keep your bra straps in place) and I always get compliments. They’re great if your office isn’t overly business formal.

    January 10, 2019/Reply
  3. HW says:

    Can anyone comment specifically on sizing? I’m 5’4, 145ish and tend to be a 4 on top and a 6/8 on bottom, but my hesitation with ordering from them (despite all of Belle’s previous recommendations) is being unsure about sizing and not wanting to hassle with returns…

    January 10, 2019/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I am a 4 on top and six bottom, I always order the 6.

      January 10, 2019/Reply
    • k-t says:

      One of the best things about ordering from Boden is that they post the actual garment measurements of almost every item and in all sizes. They even include the “neck drop” (how deep is that neckline?), and the hem circumference of some items (how swooshy). So compare those measurements to things in your closet that fit well. And with free shipping and returns, it isn’t too huge of a risk.

      My only caveat of Boden clothing is that, although much is machine washable, most of it should not go in the dryer. They don’t pre-shrink any of the fabrics, I guess.

      January 10, 2019/Reply
    • Lost says:

      I’m 5’3″ 130 and have several Boden 6P dresses that fit well. I also have a few of their longer “tunics” in 6R that work fine as a dress for me.

      January 10, 2019/Reply
    • A says:

      Nordstrom carries a few of their pieces. I use that to gauge styling with easy returns and then order what I know is likely to fit.

      January 10, 2019/Reply
  4. Lost says:

    I’ve been ordering from Boden for a few years now. The dresses are very comfortable and great for a business casual office. Many of their dresses have pockets! Their petite dresses allow me to skip hemming. I’ve been happy with their swimsuits too.

    January 10, 2019/Reply
  5. L says:

    Just placed a big order as I need some basics for a new job that is more formal than my current. Crossing my fingers that these pants work for me (haaaaate pants).

    Heads up – there’s a 20% off code that is working right now: D5E3

    January 10, 2019/Reply
  6. Cheryl says:

    The Montana State Capitol Building does indeed sport lots of stair climbing, and the too few elevators get crowded fast. A great way to lose some of the holiday pounds many of us accumulate.
    Eons ago in the Dark Ages, when I was a young legislative spouse, my feet were unused to heels for a few years. When I had to go back to heels for Session, my feet hurt so badly I actually went about in my stocking feet on the Floor (of course while the members were not meeting in session.)
    My best current pair of comfortable, stylish, well-made, expensive but oh-so-worth-it heels are M Gemi’s “Rivista” style–sleek leather kitten heels with a “V” vamp. Polished, professional, and just a bit sexy enough not to be boring.
    Something about the quality of their shoe leather is so soft and comfortable, beats all those Asian-made shoes all to heck. Like Stuart Weitzman’s, but half the price.-
    Thank you Abra for clueing me into M Gemi, again worth the price.

    January 12, 2019/Reply