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Ask the Edit: For Inclement Weather

From umbrellas that fit in purses to leather gloves that are smartphone compatible, let’s have a chat about inclement weather.  Because winter is nowhere near over, but the end-of-winter sales are just beginning.


Do you know of any umbrellas that look professional that are small enough to put into a purse? Thank you. I really enjoy your articles.

– Alexandria

When I lived in D.C., I carried this Procella umbrella in my purse.  It’s tough, windproof, and fits in most work-size purses.

Hello, Abra,

I recently moved to the South from Chicago.  The daytime temperature is still almost 40-degrees, but everyone thinks it’s freezing (I feel differently).  The puffer coat I would typically wear is too warm for the weather here.  I’m thinking about buying a wool or wool-blend coat to wear.  Can you help me find a $200ish coat in classic styling?


It’s always a bit discombobulating to visit San Francisco or Atlanta and hear people say their cold when it’s 40 or 50 degrees outside.  But weather is relative.

If you’re looking to buy a coat from the end-of-winter sales, stick to classic colors and shapes.  I like grey, ivory, shades of blue, burgundy, and camel.  Here are some choices.

This pale blue River Island coat ($150) is a lovely piece that would look fantastic with black separates.  If you prefer a different shape in a similar color, try this Tahari Taylor coat.  Brooks Brothers has this classic navy coat on sale.  For a more casual coat, try this Soia & Kyo coat from Nordstrom Rack.

Camel is another great classic option.  This Express coat is on sale for $99.  The length is great for keeping warm.  I also like the simplicity of it.

W Concept has an alpaca option on sale for $239.  For a very feminine cut, try this Karl Lagerfeld coat.  Plus-size?  This Land’s End coat is worth a look.

This burgundy coat from Avec Filles would be a nice addition to any wardrobe.  Especially if you already have a staple, neutral coat that you like, a wine-colored coat is a nice second.  This Collectif coat from Modcloth has a swingy, dramatic shape with a slimming belt.


Can you help me with a bit of an odd question?  How do you keep your feet warm during a commute?  I walk about a mile and a half from the Metro to my office and my feet are blocks of ice by the time I arrive.  What do I do?


My first question is: What kind of shoes are you wearing?  The second is: What kind of socks?

In the winter, I used to commute in a pair of black tall boots.  I would add a pair of good quality wool socks; Smartwool is the best.  On really cold days, I would wear my Sorel Caribou boots.  If it becomes unbearably cold, I add some Hothands Insole Foot Warmers.


I’m looking for a pair of leather gloves that I can wear and still use my phone.  I want to spend less than $75.  No knit please.  


Charter Club makes a nice pair of gloves in several color choices.  Ralph Lauren also makes a great pair of gloves.  If you don’t mind spending a bit more, these $98 J.Crew cashmere-lined gloves are fantastic.  They will probably go on sale soon.

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