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Sale Alert: 7 Picks from the Tory Burch

Tory Burch is not a store that I frequent often, but when they have a good sale, I always have a peek.  The products are well-made and timeless.   Here are seven picks from their current sale section (my favorite is #7).

Surreal Pearl Earrings ($79)

Block T Tote ($319)

Happy Times Printed Blouse ($229)

Brooke Riding Boot ($349)

Rose Sweater ($475)

Studded Stone Cuff ($159)

Penelope Cap Toe Flat ($209)



  1. Crystal says:

    Word of warning on Tory Burch boots — I find the calf circumference is often fairly narrow. If you’re plus size or have more muscular legs, they may run too small.

    November 14, 2018/Reply
  2. B says:

    Those earrings feel so fresh! After years of wearing lots of pearls and finally burning out on them a couple years ago, I’ve fallen off the pearl train but these might get me back on it again.

    November 14, 2018/Reply
    • Belle says:

      They definitely look like a more modern alternative to the standard pearls.

      November 14, 2018/Reply
  3. Sof says:

    I recently bought a pair of Tory Burch boots & a pair of Via Spiga boots with the intent of returning one pair. They’re both nice boots. Anyone have a perspective on which brand is higher quality? They were roughly the same price at Nordstrom Rack.

    November 14, 2018/Reply
    • Diane says:

      I have tall black Via Spiga boots with about a 2.5-3″ heel that I’ve had for at least four years, maybe longer. I have worn them heavily for several winters. They are extremely comfortable and durable and I have walked miles at a time in them. I take them to a shoe repair place maybe once a year to clean off the salt, get heel caps, and a fresh coat of black shoe polish and then they look brand new. Hands down one of my best-ever purchases.

      November 14, 2018/Reply
  4. Chelsea says:

    Wow, I NEED a budget version of that sweater!

    November 15, 2018/Reply