The Weekly Edit: A Week of Unrealized Promise

What a week. Kyle was out of town, so I had dreams of getting work done, sleeping 8-hours every night, and eating healthy.  But then one of our pets needed oral surgery, which caused her to be sick to her stomach every hour on the hour, and the construction across the street started every morning at 7:00am on the dot.

Sleeping plans, gone.  Working plans, gone.  I did eat healthy, so yay?  But just because almost all of my best laid plans were thwarted doesn’t mean the week was entirely a loss…

I was so glad to find The Good Fight on Amazon PrimeTV.  The show is a spinoff of The Good Wife, so I was hoping it would be good, but dare I say, I like it even better than the original.  The stories and the character development are both good, but the clothes, amazing.

All the Alexander McQueen, so gorgeous.  Who cares if it’s totally unrealistic for a first year associate to be wearing that much Net-a-Porter?  It’s just pretty to look at it.

Missing out on a good night’s sleep comes with being a grown up.  But there are few feelings as miserable as looking through your bleary eyes at your reflection and seeing your tired, sallow skin looking back at you.  I usually pack a Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask on business trips to make up for late nights combined with dehydration.

My other secret weapon?  The Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack.  It’s not for every day use (too heavy for that), but for the occasional burst of moisture, it helps you fake that well-rested look.

Three Words: Whiskey Rootbeer Floats.  It’s a nice pairing of smoky and sweet.  And if you have a mix of guests who don’t really like dessert and ones who do, it’s a crowd pleaser.

I recommend a good quality vanilla ice cream; I used the cheap stuff the first time, and it was better with the pricier vanilla from the farmer’s market.  The original recipe also calls for a Japanese whiskey like Suntory, I used my favorite, Green Spot.  This didn’t seem to make a huge difference.  Kyle’s a bit of a root beer snob, and he likes A&W from the keg (if you can get it) or Barq’s.

I was cleaning out my closet recently and noticed that I have a problem.  All of my business suits are black (or have black elements — hardware, buttons, etc.), but I don’t own a black handbag.  Several years ago, I traded out black bags for animal prints and colors like berry or pine.  So, I need a black handbag to carry to job interviews or when I wear those suits to work, but I’m on an intern budget.  Here’s what I found.

Mango Pebbled Tote Bag ($40)

Mango Pocket Shopper Bag ($25)

Mango Double Compartment Crossbody Bag ($30)

All of these bags have a strong enough shape that they have a bit of impact.  The material and hardware are good enough quality that they don’t look cheap unless someone is looking really hard.  Now, if I were interviewing at a top law firm, I would think about borrowing something a bit nicer from a friend.  But since my job interviews have been at decidedly more relaxed firms of government offices, these will do fine.

Somehow, Spokane forgot that the “unch” in brunch refers to lunch, and that brunch is not just a more filling breakfast.  Why else can’t I find a decent brunch served after 1:30pm?  And if you can, half of the menu is cheeseburgers and sandwiches.  What is wrong with eating eggs and French toast in the mid-afternoon?

So I decided that this weekend, we’ll skip the whole charade and make brunch at home.  While hunting for recipes, I found these very tempting Homemade Cronuts, using frozen puff pastry dough.  Yes, please.

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