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The Weekly Edit: That Escalated Quickly

Last Tuesday, it was barely 60-degrees.  The wind was blowing.  The clouds were rolling in, and rain was falling.  36-hours later, 90-degrees.  It’s been like a blast furnace around here ever since.  Apparently, Mother Nature doesn’t believe in foreplay.

Thanks to a long, damp spring, I was not prepared to bake in the heat or melt in the sun.  In theory, I knew summer was coming, but when it didn’t show up on Memorial Day or the Summer Solstice, I began to think that it might not show.  Now, I’m a in a frantic race to get my summer wardrobe and beauty routine together before sweater weather arrives.

Are you sweating?  Well, I am.  I step outside for ten minutes to walk my dog, and I feel like I need another shower.  There’s nothing more disgusting than that hot, sticky, grimy feeling.

To prevent body sweat, I recommend Dove Dry Spray.  It comes in a wide variety of scents, but I prefer my products unscented, so I use the sensitive skin formula.

Chafing?  You know, that awful thing that happens when your thighs rub together.  Why yes, it is the worst.    Try Megababe Thigh Rescue to keep that inner thigh brush-fire from raging out of control.

Is it your shiny face that has you concerned?  Mascara on your nose, blush on your lips, foundation everywhere?  Yeah, nothing like summer to turn your face from a Rembrandt into a Picasso.  The best way to keep your makeup from running amok is a great primer, like Pixi Poreless, and a setting spray, like Urban Decay De-Slick.

Struggle with sweaty feet?  Try Kiwi Fresh-ins.  They absorb excess foot sweat.  If you have an odor issue, try wiping down the inside of your shoes with a dilution of vodka and water.  You can also soak your feet in the liquid to help kill odor causing bacteria.

When it’s too hot to be outside, I need something interesting to watch.  I thought The Last Defense on ABC would be just another true crime series, but it’s actually really well done.  The interviews with the attorneys, experts, and jurors do a better job of breaking down the criminal appeals process than almost any other show I’ve seen (save Death Row Stories).

The first case they cover is Darlie Routier, a young Texas mother convicted of murdering her two boys.  When you listen to the prosecutors pick apart her character — her breast implants, her gaudy jewelry, her reactions either being too over the top or not emotional enough — the case takes on a whole new tone in the post #metoo era.  I’ve seen about ten documentaries on this case, and this was by far the best one.

To keep my late-thirties greys under wraps, I need my hair color done every 7 weeks.  But between my summer trips and my colorist’s summer trips, I can never get in for an appointment.  Last week, I had to have some photos taken, and all I could see when I looked in the mirror was my roots.  Ugh.

I’d use a spray on root touch-up product before, but they’re always too dark and leave a residue that’s tough to remove.  Luckily, one of my friends suggested Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up powder.  You just brush it onto your roots, and it seamlessly covers your greys until you shampoo again.  Complete lifesaver.

A little spice in your margarita never hurt anyone.  These Orange Jalapeño Margaritas are the perfect thing for backyard barbecues, pool days, or just casual afternoons on the patio.  You can mix them in a large drink dispenser (cute, and just $25!) for your next big party.

I also have it on good authority that, if you alter the recipe slightly by mixing in a bit of orange sorbet, you can put it into these cool Rocket Pop molds and make boozy popsicles.  But I don’t know what kind of person would do that so she could get around her building’s “no alcohol containers” at the pool rule.

When you don’t feel good about your body, the first instinct is to hide.  Wear black, blend in.  But I’ve found that the best way to conceal and enhance is to wear bright colors, especially in the summer time.  A bright color says confidence.  It’s unique and unexpected.  So no one is looking at the cellulite you’re worried about or the post-baby bump, they’re looking at the great swimsuit.

This Ted Baker suit is a stunning mix of orange and hot pink.  I also like this bright coral suit from Shopbop with a dramatic back.  Or for something simple, like this J.Crew ruched back one-piece in several bold colors.  Still thinking you need a cover-up?  This off-the-shoulder striped caftan with neon accents is so chic, no one will even think about what’s underneath it.

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  1. Red says:

    Body Glide also works well, and it is under-$10. Lifesaver in the summer!

    July 11, 2018/Reply
  2. Kathryn says:

    Have you or any readers tried Madison Reed for all-over color? I’m thinking of trying it to mix things up, so I’d love to hear what others think.

    July 11, 2018/Reply
  3. KLC says:


    I’ve used Madison Reed a couple of times now for the all over color. I got one dud color that was a sort of violet… it washed out very quickly. But the chestnut brown that I’ve switched to the last 4 times has been fantastic! Would highly recommend!

    July 11, 2018/Reply
  4. Meghan says:

    Megababe has changed my experience of summer. The Thigh Rescue is great, the Bust Dust is amazing, the Rosy Pits deodorant is wonderful. I swear I’m not getting paid to say this… I just REALLY love her products.

    July 11, 2018/Reply
  5. SM says:

    For chub-rub, I recommend the Monistat Anti-Chafing gel. It is available on Amazon Prime and just go ahead and buy the 2-pack because it is THAT useful.

    July 11, 2018/Reply
  6. Katie says:

    Chi makes a great color depositing conditioner that really helps me out when my roots are getting depressing. The one I have is “CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Conditioner”. I do recommend wearing gloves when you apply it as the color stains your hands a bit (though that might just be me, as I use the auburn red version – it’s intense in my hands, but the result on my hair is worth it). I’ve tried Aveda’s version and this is far superior.

    July 11, 2018/Reply
  7. AmandaG says:

    I just want to leave a comment saying that I really enjoy the Weekly Edit posts. Thank you!

    July 12, 2018/Reply
  8. Savannah Steele says:

    Replying to @SM – I second the Monistat Anti-chafing gel. I use it all the time for my thighs. It’s really easy and nice to apply. I’ve found the other solid stick formats harder and rough on my skin, but this is a smooth gel that dries to a soft powdery finish. I would highly recommend.

    July 13, 2018/Reply
  9. BN says:

    Cannot thank you enough for the “What I’m Using” part of this email – – I need all of these things. Thank you for the recs!!

    July 23, 2018/Reply
  10. AMy says:

    Solid stick deodorant also works well for chafing. I think it’s the dimethicone. The same works to prevent blisters when breaking in new shoes.

    July 24, 2018/Reply