Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 42

“You’ve got to break things in order to grow.” — Kara Nortman

Unfurl the Scroll. Why do so many incompetent men get into leadership positions?

Brightly Hued. Want a pair of colored sandals?  I love these blush Sole Society ones and these canary yellow Topshop ones, both under-$100.

Tassel Turner. Mindy Kaling’s Dartmouth graduation speech should be required reading.

It’s a Deal. I snatched up this sale-priced Everlane denim shirtdress, and it’s fab.

Wind It Up. Helpful tips on how to improve your time management.

Shine On. Have an event? Need hydrated, glowing skin fast? This Glow Recipe watermelon mask is for you.

Powering Through. How to survive working for your no good, very bad boss.

I love pillows.  It basically drives Kyle crazy how many pillows there are on the couch that he isn’t permitted to just squish at random without hearing, “That’s silk!” shouted from the other room.

Regardless, when I’m in the mood to change up the look of my living room, I grab a few new throw pillows. And my go to spot?  Etsy.  Willa Skye Home has some lovely pillow covers; this subtle Les Touches print is fabulous.  For something less pretty, try this mudcloth pillow from Stitched by Grace.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some pillows to re-fluff.

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  1. HW says:

    For pillow covers, I can recommend The Pillow Cover Store on Etsy ( I found them because I was looking at mudcloth(-inspired) options but couldn’t quite afford some of the options Belle found, and theirs are at a lower price point and customizable in terms of size. I wanted something in navy and then found and bought these: They have been great so far; fabric is durable, zipper seems great, very much as pictured, shipping was easy and timely.No affiliation with them, I just know how crowded this space can be on Etsy and wanted to pass my good experience along!

    June 13, 2018/Reply