Workday Reading

The Edition: No. 36

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”  — Andy Warhol

Side-by-Side. A surprisingly thoughtful, helpful guide on how to stop comparing yourself to others.

Sophisticated. I need to find a new job so I can wear this layered Tahari sheath.

Supported. How I learned to be a mentor and found mentors during my career.

Sale-Priced. Banana Republic is 40% off sale-items this weekend.  This machine-washable grey dress, this red, boucle coat, and this snakeskin pump all caught my eye.

Suggested. GQ thinks this is how you should talk to women; are they right?

Strawberries. I can’t help it, I’m completely smitten with Kate Spade’s strawberry print tumbler.  This serving dish is pretty fun, too.

Saturated. A wonderful article about the process for developing new colors.

Fancy-Schmancy. I am so in love with this Cinq a Sept dress for summer weddings.

Stop It. What to do about a co-worker who complains all the time.

Sparkly. These Baublebar double-hoops and stacked band set are fun and simple.

Savings. Why women need to save twice as much for retirement.

Stocking Up. It’s not bootie season, but I bought these chic black boots for next year.  And these lovely braided sandals for this summer.

Standing Up. Rep. Martha McSally says #metoo and talks about the importance of fighting your way forward.



Last week, Kyle and I assembled our fire pit to get ready for summer.  He wanted a way to sit outside after dark and have a glass of wine with friends.  I wanted a way to make s’mores.  Everyone has their priorities.

I also stocked up on all the s’more making tools I will need.  A s’more basket for big groups.  Two s’more roasting reels, because if you’re going to be all-in, be all-in.  A s’more ingredients storage basket, because, again, all-in.  Ah, summer, you have the best snacks.

These Bailey’s Dipped S’mores look amazing.




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  1. Anna says:

    Wait, why is the chocolate on the outside? Who wants chocolate-covered fingers and unmelted chocolate? This is bothering me way more than it should.

    April 27, 2018/Reply
  2. Emily says:

    That Cinq a sept dress seems a bit too close to white to wear to a wedding.

    April 27, 2018/Reply
  3. Rachel says:

    Just FYI the booties link takes you to the Bauble Bar ring set! 🙂

    April 27, 2018/Reply
  4. Sarah says:

    I have those snakeskin pumps in the Madison (pointer toe and narrower heel). I love them. They allow me to wear a more fun shoe than a basic black heel with colored dresses without it competing with the dress.

    April 27, 2018/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Those shoes are on sale too.

      April 27, 2018/Reply
  5. Emily says:

    I have that gray BR dress and really like it! It’s got a good balance of structure and stretch and the waist detail is flattering.

    April 27, 2018/Reply
  6. Mary says:

    One of our first projects when we moved to our house was installing a fire pit surrounded by a patio. It’s one of my favorite features of our house. We have a big pile of regular roasting sticks and are always stocked with S’mores supplies for our own enjoyment and for sharing with friends and family. I keep Hershey’s on hand for others, but I prefer mine with Reese’s peanut butter cups.

    April 27, 2018/Reply
  7. Kate says:

    On the “How to Talk to Women” I appreciate the general sentiment of not policing women’s behavior or assuming that female-associated habits are weak. But I disagree with the idea that men (or other women!) shouldn’t ever call them out or correct them. I used to have the very bad habit of brushing off compliments ala “Oh this? It’s old/got it on sale/whatever.” It wasn’t until a friend (male) pointed out that that sort of brush off is rude to the person giving the compliment that I considered that perspective and stopped.

    April 27, 2018/Reply
  8. Jules says:

    That article about color was so fascinating. I had NO idea that inventing color is a thing, a thing that is difficult, and a thing that is lucrative. Or that color and pigment are even different!

    April 27, 2018/Reply
  9. Raquel says:

    hmm I agree I love that cinq a sept dress but too close to white. you wear one light lilac dress that photographs white once and you are scarred forever..

    April 30, 2018/Reply