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The Weekly Edit: Sick and Tired? Or Just Sick

On Monday, I had a cold.  On Wednesday, I had a sinus infection.  By Saturday, the plague.  And while Kyle enjoyed 36-hours of near-total silence, after my voice ghosted me, I am now on the mend.  Nothing like illness to make you appreciate the ability to breathe unimpeded.

Here’s what I did and what I loved during my lost week.

This documentary about how one California billionaire consumes more water than the City of Los Angeles was fascinating.  It’s also why I’ll never eat a pistachio or consume a bottle of pomegranate juice again.  The ins and outs of the California water system are fascinating.  You can read more about it, here.

And since it’s reference so many times in the documentary, I decided to watch Chinatown.   Admittedly, film noir should only be consumed when one’s emotions aren’t deadened by codeine cough syrup.

Speaking of water… When you’re sick, it’s so important to stay hydrated.  I never remember to drink enough water, so I use Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier.  The packets add electrolytes, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals to your water.  They’re also great for post-revelry recovery (aka. a hangover).

As for water bottles, I am still singing the praises of my Zojirushi water bottle to anyone who will listen.  One of the best reader recommendations I’ve ever purchased.


We’ve been baking a lot of bread ever since we got hooked on Molly Yeh’s scallion-pancake Challah bread.  Kyle and I both love naan, so I think I’ll try to make Chef de Home’s naan recipe next.  And for those of you who have a love/hate relationship with online recipes, check out this cartoon.  It perfectly encapsulates my feelings about food blogs.

As I begin the process of re-stocking my stable of work dresses, I’m looking for easy styles.  Translation: I want dresses that look good even when my weight fluctuates.  This a-line MM.LaFleur dress in forest-green ponte fabric looks like a good choice.  This Tahari scallop-sleeve shift dress and simple, black DvF wrap dress also caught my eye.

The Instagram account @chicworkchick aggregates some of the best work looks from the web’s best bloggers in one place.  So if you need a bit of workwear inspiration, it’s definitely worth a follow.

And if you’re not following me on Instagram, you should be.  I don’t post many photos, but I’m about to gear up my Instastories after many of my followers requested more of my trademark-pending insomnia rants and hair/beauty tutorials.  Stay tuned.

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  1. anna says:

    That MM LaFleur dress definitely caught my eye, but I just can’t spend that on a dress when I would never wear it to work (the whole “must wear pantyhose” thing keeps me from wearing most of my skirts/dresses). But it’s a gorgeous color!!

    April 3, 2018/Reply
  2. subtlensublime says:

    Sorry to hear that you were unwell. Get well soon and keep up the fabulous work on this blog !

    April 4, 2018/Reply
  3. Susie Cambria says:

    Sorry you’ve been sick. Have you tried Pedialyte or Gatorade? Between the two of them, a million flavors (and unflavored). All the docs and nurses I’ve known recommend them and they work, at least for my family.

    Feel better soon!!!

    April 4, 2018/Reply
  4. Nikki says:

    I was disappointed that the Water & Power documentary didn’t mention the Central Valley Project. You can’t talk about California water without discussing both projects.

    April 4, 2018/Reply
  5. Lauren says:

    Hi Abra,

    I saw our post on the Netflix documentary and wanted to offer an alternative view. I work in California water law and water politics every day, and it a convoluted system that has good and bad and is also constantly changing. We have reached a point in California where people from all backgrounds and areas of the state are working to be responsible with water and figure out how we can move forward in a changing climate. This has not been easy given some of our history and will continue to be painful. California water is complicated, and I take issue with a documentary or article that makes a person or industry, such as agriculture, without the whole story. I’m not saying everything that has been done was good or right, but just that a bigger picture is sometimes needed. I wanted to pass on this article about the Resnicks that does not sugar-coat their operations or their water holdings, but does give a more complete view. Here’s hoping you don’t totally give up on pistachios and pomegranates! https://story.californiasunday.com/resnick-a-kingdom-from-dust

    April 5, 2018/Reply
  6. Becky says:

    I watched that documentary too. Isn’t it horrifying??? The Delta water tunnels are close to me so it’s a subject close to my heart. The California Delta is a beautiful place, the water is a precious resource.

    I hope you feel better now!

    April 6, 2018/Reply