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The Work Edit: December 14, 2017

Quote of the Day.

“I was smart enough to go through any door that opened.” – Joan Rivers

The Weekly Reads and Links.

1) How to reclaim your time and your meetings. (Create & Cultivate)

2) This simple, $65 crossbody satchel makes my travel bag dreams come true.

3) I grew up around Korean skincare; Americans have been had. (NYTimes)

4) A blush Theory coat? Be still my beating heart.  And a $199 version.

5) The article about Social Security you need to read. (The Atlantic)

6) 40% off at WHBM.  This tweed jacket and pleated shoulder jacket are both great.

7) How to handle harassment when HR isn’t helping. (Cosmopolitan)

8) This Ladies Who Drink cocktail book is on my Christmas list.

9) What to do if you hate your friend’s significant other. (Man Repeller)

10) Sweater pilling?  Try a Laundress travel stone.  Their Pet & Lint Brush is also a must.

11) The top 5 colors to decorate with now. (The Everygirl)

12) Boden’s having a sale; I’m loving this v-neck sweaterdress and their perfect crewneck cardigan.

13) How to win at “cocktail attire” this holiday season. (Marie Claire)

14) Speaking of cocktail attire, these Badgley Mischka heels and Pia satin pumps are perfect for parties.  Prefer flats? These black velvet flats with pearls are the most fun ever.

15) Apparently, the “man flu” is real. Such babies. (CNN)

The Weekly Ws.

What I’m Buying. This incredibly addictive board game that will keep you busy this holiday for hours.

What I’m Wearing. These cozy Calvin Klein pajamas.

What I’m Reading. The Designer by Marius Gabriel.

Photo of the Week.

This Snowflake Monkey Pull-Apart Bread from Half Baked Harvest looks like the perfect holiday morning breakfast.  Make it the day before, refrigerate, and then pop it in the oven the next morning.  Do you have a favorite holiday breakfast?

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  1. Jess says:

    Yes, but what do we do about the social security problem??!!

    December 14, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I think you need to put in an income or net worth cap. Why is Warren Buffet getting Social Security? That doesn’t fix it alone though. There’s some waste and fraud to cut, but again, won’t fix it alone. Whatever we do though, you need to have it affect only the people 45 and younger, the people who can prepare for it to be different.

      December 14, 2017/Reply
      • Jess says:

        I was thinking about this issue last night before I saw your comment, and I completely agree with your statement about having to start it in only those who can prepare for it. There is just no easy answers to government, is there? And yes to the question about why Warren Buffet and any others in an income bracket like that would get social security.

        December 15, 2017/Reply
        • Jenn S. says:

          Late to the party on this topic but agree on all counts. Due to wise investing and my grandfather’s successful career, my grandparents are more than comfortable, want for nothing, etc; but still receive Social Security because of how the system works. It’s bizarre!

          December 17, 2017/Reply
      • Heatherskib says:

        This is an ongoing conversation with my grandparents. My parents are deceased, so it’s literally Millennial and Boomer talking straight about it. I keep showing them that we’re losing money, and I can’t count on pensions/social security to keep us afloat after retirement. Incomes are stagnant, inflation is up, automation will eliminate lower wage working positions, and Post 9/11 congress and the senate approved raiding Social Security to pay for the war (Before most Millennials could vote). I’ve asked them to just stop complaining to us about it at this point. I have a feeling that the millennial generation is going to have to eat the Social Security program eventually. Social Security as a concept is important… but it only works as long as there are more people putting money in than taking it out.

        December 20, 2017/Reply
  2. KC says:

    I just pinned the same monkey bread recipe for Christmas vacation. Hopefully it turns out half as stunning as the photo!

    December 15, 2017/Reply
  3. Jessie says:

    My family has made pfankuchen (also called a dutch baby) every Christmas morning for as long as I can remember. It’s easier than pancakes to whip up, and more impressive because it’s puffy, almost like a souffle. I highly recommend it!

    December 15, 2017/Reply
  4. Sarah E Shah says:

    The link to the pajamas doesn’t work 🙁

    December 16, 2017/Reply