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2018 will mark my 10th year of blogging (holy mother); I can hardly believe it.

To kick 2018 off right, we’re saying goodbye to 2017 with some fabulous giveaways.  Starting Friday and running until the end of the year, I’ll be giving away gifts from Charlotte Tillbury, MM. LaFleur, Cuyana, J.Crew and more.

I want the gifts to be a surprise when they’re launched.  But I’m buying all of the gifts myself, so it really is a show of gratitude from me to you.

Giveaways will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The Monday and Friday giveaways will be lifestyle, beauty, and fashion gifts and be hosted on Instagram.  The Wednesday giveaways will be career-related gifts and hosted on Facebook.

To win, you’ll have to follow me, plus like and comment on the specific post.  The giveaways will open at 1:00 PM Eastern Time, and stay open for eight hours.  That’s it.  The winners will be randomly drawn and announced after they close.

Simple enough?  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and get ready to win this Friday at 1:00PM.

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  1. Trish says:

    Congratulations on 10 years! I found your blog in 2011 while I was 20 years old. I was prepping for my internship for a Senator at the time. Now I’m working for the US Courts and a daily reader of your blog. You have been akin to a big sister to me without knowing it! I am thankful for the wisdom and advice you share with us. Thank you for all you do!

    December 7, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Thank you!!!

      December 7, 2017/Reply
  2. Mary G. says:

    Same here! Your blog and advice has guided from internship to a dream job. You should know that if you ever decided to do a speaking engagement in DC, you would have a full house.

    December 7, 2017/Reply
  3. espie says:

    Congratulations on 10 years! Like the other commenter, I found your blog in 2010 as a college student prepping for my first internship in DC. And clueless how to master business causal in the spring/summer. Needless to say, your fashion and career advice has kept me appropriately dressed and gracefully managing workplace issues. Thanks for all you do!

    December 7, 2017/Reply