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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For the White Elephant

The office Secret Santa, woof.  It can either be amazing or awful.  Maybe you’ll have a few laughs, and get a gift that you’ll enjoy.  Maybe it’ll be full of super awkward moments that make sitting at your desk seem like total bliss.  Here are a few gifts for White Elephant and Secret Santas all of which are under-$25.


The Miracle Cube Timer ($18) is a great productivity tool.  You can set a time limit for certain tasks (like responding to e-mail) and use the timer to keep you accountable.  You can also use it to remind you to stand up every hour.  If the cube isn’t pretty enough, try this $6 mini-hourglass.

NYC favorite Milk Bar makes the best cookies.  They recently partnered with Madewell for a special edition blueberry cookie mix ($19).  You can also buy their baking mixes, including my favorite, the Compost Cooking mix, at Target for $5.  Or, if you want to make all of Christina Tosi’s delicious desserts, pick up their cookbook.

This Scratch-Off World Map ($24) is fun for the frequent traveler or the aspiring one.  Also in black and white.  They also have one for the United States.
This Watermelon/Pumpkin keg tap ($15) let’s you turn your favorite fruit or gourd into a drink dispenser.

This Mighty Toothbrush Holder ($15) clings to a mirror or shower wall.  It’s the perfect way to store your toothbrush/toothpaste or keep your razor handy.  Another fun toiletry item is a tube-roller key ($6) to get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.

Who wouldn’t want to make the perfect grilled cheese every time with these toaster friendly bags?  Grilled Cheese Toast Bags ($9).  You could even throw in a loaf of good bread and some slices.

Red Bird soft peppermint refresh-mints ($13) are one of my favorite holiday traditions.  These mints are perfect for stockings, white elephants, or as a little treat for your office mates.

Jen Pearson’s Matchstick Bottles ($17-$24) are a great gift.  They’re etched on the bottom so you can use the bottle to strike the matches.  They go with any decor and are super useful.

Lottery tickets are a great gift for a White Elephant or Santa Swap.  They don’t cost much.  The recipient could win a little bit of money.  And it’s always a little bit fun to work your way through the anticipation of scratching off the tickets.

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