Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: July 26, 2017


1) Refusing to reveal your past salary only hurts women. (Reader’s Digest)

2) This pebble-leather black ASOS satchel is the ultimate basic for just $48.

3) TheRealReal and it’s 60-year-old founder prove it’s never too late to succeed. (CNBC)

4) 50%-off at LOFT. I picked up this chic one-piece swimsuit.

5) How to career pivot without starting again from scratch. (My Domaine)

6) Banana Republic Musts: a coral shirtdress, a bell-sleeve dress, a pale pink trouser.

7) Inside the fight to design the perfect sports bra. (Bloomberg)

8) Black Halo’s basic navy sheath is great, but their flounce-sleeve coral dress? Sublime.

9) Does family leave have a sexism problem? (Elle)

10) Meghan has me seriously considering these blush-colored Nikes.

11) Non-disparagement agreements help abusers hide their bad acts. (NYTimes)

12) This cute electric tea kettle will help me keep up with my black tea addiction.


What I’m Watching. 73 Questions with Anna Wintour.

What’s Saving My Sanity. Have barking dog? This pet corrector spray is a lifesaver.

What I’m Looking Forward To. The August 21st Total Solar Eclipse.

What I Found Interesting. Drink LaCroix? Maybe don’t buy the stock.

[image taken by my friend @Gurrity on a recent trip to Montana]



  1. Meghan says:

    YES!! Get them!! They are 20% off now today on!!

    July 26, 2017/Reply
  2. thb says:

    ugh – those sneakers! sold out in my size.

    July 26, 2017/Reply
  3. Cati says:

    For a cheap/free alternative to pet spray I use a spray water bottle or just make a loud noise to interrupt my dogs when they’re barking at something

    July 26, 2017/Reply
  4. Ciera says:

    The barking dog spray sounds amazing – if you’d like a laugh, I thoroughly recommend reading the first review on Made me laugh (discreetly!) in the office!

    August 4, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      The spray is amazing. We gave a can to our neighbor, who has a labradoodle puppy, and they would probably give us their first born if I asked for it, they were so grateful.

      August 4, 2017/Reply