Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: July 24, 2017


1) First woman enlists to become a Navy SEAL. Get it, girl! (CNN)

2) I don’t need this much honesty from a container of bobby pins. Thanks.

3) Why women aren’t CEOs, according to women who almost were. (NYTimes)

4) Ann Taylor Semi-Annual Sale: A black biz suit, a bright scarf, and a summer-fall dress.

5) Why are we still talking about avocado toast? (Bon Appetit)

6) This relaxed pinky-tan trench is everything. I also like this army green one.

7) Ways to approach someone who you want to become friends with. (The Everygirl)

8) Pair this tie front top with a pencil skirt and necklace for a sharp work outfit.

9) Could knowing your co-worker’s salary make you better at your job? (Popsugar)

10) Amazon has a list of under-$100 dresses. This Sandra Darren is perfect for work.

11) What is an “influencer?” (Vogue)


What I’m Reading. I am captivated by other people’s breakup stories.

What I Need To Do (Now that I’m back working). Build a morning routine.

What I’m Loving. This might be the best hairspray, ever. Here’s hoping it doesn’t give me acne.

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  1. SN says:

    My experience (I’m 62)? Primarily racism. Single brown women aren’t groomed to be CEOs, or even AVPs. I got tired of it so I started my own company. I am finally CEO.

    July 24, 2017/Reply
  2. Anna says:

    The Ann Taylor sale has some crazy affordable shoes. Mostly final sale, but I just got two pairs of sandals for about $30 each. I hate that so much of my wardrobe comes from Ann Taylor and Loft (I type as I’m wearing an Ann Taylor dress with Ann Taylor flats), but I just can’t beat the classic, yet modern pieces, at ridiculous prices thanks to the constant sales.

    July 24, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Someone cornered me about why there was so much AT in DC, and I was just like when someone else starts producing clothing for working women that is in this price range, appropriate, durable enough, and somewhat stylish, we’ll be happy to shop there, too.

      July 24, 2017/Reply
      • Anna says:

        For serious. Banana has some decent pieces, but their sizing can be so inconsistent. And well, there was J.Crew… I walk into AT or Loft, and I know I’m going to walk out with at least a few pieces that look good and fit well that I didn’t have to spend hours scouring the racks or the interwebs for.

        July 25, 2017/Reply