Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: June 30, 2017


1) The truth about how much women talk, and whether men listen. (Motto)

2) Need a t-shirt dress? Everlane has seven to choose from for $25.

3) How to make your life better by sending five e-mails. (Time)

4) It’s time to buy your 2017-2018 planner. Love this one and this one from Anthro.

5) 7 Things Successful People Do the Night Before a Vacation. (Business Insider)

6) LOFT Musts: Tassel earrings, layered pendant necklace, grey multi-strand necklace.

7) The mere presence of your cell phone lowers cognitive capacity. (UChicago)

8) The comfy sandals that are so chic, you’ll forget they’re made by Born.

9) How to bounce back after a bad night’s sleep. (Glamour)

10) Must-Try Masks: Megashot Bright Ampoule, Egg White Pore Mask, Peach Sheet Mask.

11) What do Infowars and Goop have in common? Promoting the same bogus products. (Quartz)

12) Snagged this off-the-shoulder, lemon-print bikini for late summer lake time.

13) Here are 54 things magazines have decided women are doing wrong. (The Cut)


Who I’m Following. This D.C. food Instagrammer.

What a 4-Star Rating Really Means.  An Uber/Lyft driver explains.

What I Packed for D.C. Humidity. KMS Humidity Shield.

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  1. Whitley says:

    What are your thoughts on Living Proof humidity spray?

    June 30, 2017/Reply
  2. Monica T says:

    I tried the Tony Moly sheet masks and they broke me out. But I found the Wei sheet masks at Sephora and I LOVE them. I’d always used their Goldenroot Purifying Mud Mask and when the Illuminating and Soothing sheet masks became available I crossed my fingers and took a chance. The cost seemed high, but since I’d struck out on every other sheet mask I’d tried it was worth a shot. No fragrance, and there is so much serum left over in the resealable tube that you can treat your face for weeks with it. Good deal!

    June 30, 2017/Reply