Workday Reading

The Morning Post: March 27, 2017



1) The Last Taboo: Why women aren’t supposed to age. (Stuff)

2) Stila is discontinuing their individual eye shadows.  eBay, here I come.

3) How to stop feeling like you never have enough time. (My Domaine)

4) The hottest new mask is brought to you by Sonic the Hedgehog. No, really.

5) “I posed for Maxim and I’m running for Congress. That shouldn’t be shocking.” (Elle

6) Best of Ann Taylor: A tulip sleeve blouse, a red tie-side top, and a fringe jacket.

7) You should take on projects even when you’re not ready. (Fortune)

8) Completely obsessed with this Anne Klein resin bracelet watch. So chic.

9) Why brands are selling virtue and values instead of products. (The Atlantic)

10) This Madewell necklace and Stella & Dot necklace take the guesswork out of layering.


What I’m Buying.  This mid-century chair and geo-throw from Target for my bedroom.

What I’m Eating. Bare Natural Coconut Chips.

What I’m Forwarding. Why news coverage about racist acts is a 2-for-1for the racists.

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  1. Cait says:

    Love the article about time management! It reminded me of the quote “We will always have time for the things we put first.”
    I get so irritated when someone’s excuse is “there just aren’t enough hours in the day!” You have the same number of hours in a day as the rest of us. You just chose to prioritize them differently. To me that just says “I can’t manage my time.” I’d much rather them say “I needed to prioritize X, Y, Z this week, but your project is top on my list now and I should have it to you by Wednesday!” I’m much more likely to be sympathetic in that situation because it tells me that they were genuinely taking care of other responsibilities, not just frittering away their time in a haze of “where has the workday gone?”

    March 27, 2017/Reply
  2. Maharani says:

    I’d like to make a comment on the aging article that I hope will be helpful. I am 62 and probably this blog’s oldest reader….. in my opinion it is one of only 2 useful fashion blogs. I now brag about my age. Yes, I do look younger, but not by a whole lot. It probably has affected my career-after a number of senior administrative positions I now have my own consultancy, for good reasons. I am a student pilot and I have every intention of getting my pilot’s license soon-I fly solo regularly as part of my training. I don’t let “age” stop me-I color my hair, stay in shape, dress youngish but appropriately. It helps that I have never married since I have to do everything myself and I cant just stop trying…. As long as I am alive and in decent shape I will try new things and break barriers. It is interesting that so many women feel “invisible” to men after 50. Since I was never “visible”, I haven’t noticed a difference since I turned 50. We should stop defining ourselves by whether men “see” us or not.

    March 27, 2017/Reply