Fashion & Beauty Queries: Vol. IV, No. Three

I’m going to postpone the Professional Style Guide post until next week, it’s simply not up to snuff.  I need a few hours to fix it, and I can’t study Civil Procedure and pick new accessories.  (Because I think we all know which one I would rather be doing.)

Hi Belle,

Given your lingerie expertise, do you have any recommendations for stockings to wear with garter belts? I’m having a surprisingly hard time finding anything.

Thank you for all you do! B
Wolford makes the best ones, but they’re a little spend.  On the more affordable side, Nordstrom has both sheer top and lace top stockings.  My favorite are these Chantal Thomas stockings with bow-seams.
Dear Belle,
I need a new spring coat.  I already own a trench.  I’m searching for a short casual jacket, maybe something quilted.  Anything great you’ve seen lately?
Sincerely, Zola
If you’re in the market for a quilted jacket, I would splurge on a Barbour Cavalry jacket.  Barbour is one of those heritage brands that you cannot go wrong buying.  Plus, they wear like iron.
If you want something under-$150, I like this hooded Calvin Klein jacket in teal and this L.L Bean Quilted Riding Jacket.  Plus-size? I like this grey Calvin Klein.  Petite? Try this bold, red Michael Kors jacket.
Hi Belle,
You Instagrammed a photo of like a skincare kit or something from Drunk Elephant.  I really want to try it.  Where did you find it?  Is it working for you?  Tell me everything!!!
First off, it’s the Let’s Be Clear Kit from Drunk Elephant.  It’s for acne sufferers, though they also make an anti-aging AHA Kit for you lucky ducks without acne.  The kits contain smaller sizes of their comprehensive regimens so you can try before you buy the full-sizes.
I’m only three days in, but I am absolutely loving it.  No new acne (which is kind of big).  Redness is getting better, tone is improving, etc..  This kit, combine with my CosRX pimple patches (lifesavers) may just save my skin.  Fingers crossed.
Your lingerie post was so helpful, but I’m still on the hunt for the perfect thing.  I would love something more modern line that blue set in your post but that’s way too much for me to spend.  Have any reccs?  Valentine’s is also my wife’s and my anniversary, so I want to find just the right thing.
Love your blog, thanks for keeping it going.  xx, Liz
I’m guessing that you want something more modern.  ASOS has a few things.  I would give this Gracie Triangle Bra in crimson a look.  All, this Fishnet and Lace bra with thicker straps.  Happy Anniversary!



  1. Marie says:

    I really like Agent Provocateur’s garter stockings. They are somewhat pricy, but they last forever. I am prone to snagging stockings while putting them on, so I wear gloves. I have a pair I’ve owned since 2012 and they are like new! Another pair has been in my possession since 2008 and still going strong.

    February 2, 2017/Reply
  2. Mo says:

    Ugh, I loved American Apparel’s opaque thigh-highs. Was I the last to know that they are going out of business?

    February 2, 2017/Reply
  3. Madison says:

    do you use the whole Drunk Elephant kit or just part? Keep your usual acne regiment on top of it? Retinoids too ?

    I want to update my skin care but can’t figure out how to do it with acne medicine I use now (benzoyl peroxide); and can’t find a helpful dermatologist

    February 2, 2017/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I have been using it all on its own so I can evaluate it.

      February 3, 2017/Reply
      • Valerie says:

        Belle, would be curious to know your take on the kit once you’ve used it for a while. I also deal with adult acne (seriously, I’m almost 32 and didn’t think I would be contemplating adding anti-wrinkle products to my anti-acne products!), and willing to try any new products if they’re useful.

        February 5, 2017/Reply