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The Dispatch: January 11, 2017


1. If you want to get promoted, you have to say so. (Harvard Business Review)

2. Need a new suit?  I am loving this slate blue melange one-button jacket with matching pencil skirt.

3. No, Diet Coke is not killing you. (Two of my former classmates will be grateful to hear it.) (The Outline)

4. I love this Halogen blouse with piping detail for work.  For weekend, this olive parka with faux-fur trim hood.

5. How successful women tackle Mondays. (The Everygirl)

6. I adore this fig leaf barrette.  For something more affordable, the LuxeBuffalo Etsy shop has a variety of pretty clips.

7. Why telling women to ‘always negotiate’ might be bad advice. (The Atlantic)

8. If you’re looking for a pricey ‘wear it for the rest of my life’ winter coat, Gilt is having a Moncler sale.

9. Style tips for ladies with a love/hate relationship with their bangs (i.e. everyone with bangs). (Byrdie)

10. The Ann Taylor semi-annual sale is winding down.  If you’re hunting for something new, this fluted sleeve sweater dress and this tie-front top caught my eye.

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  1. Cait says:

    As someone who goes through periodic Diet Coke binges, I thought the article hit a lot of important points. I’ve noticed that when I’ve been drinking Diet Coke every day and then stop for a few months, I feel exponentially less gross, but there are a lot of other factors going into that, like the article says. With carbonation comes bloating, with Diet Coke comes caffeine (I don’t do caffeine-free), and with no Diet Coke comes a lot more water. Diet Coke will never be the healthiest choice in the world, but I agree that overall eating habits are a much more pressing problem than demonizing a single soda.

    January 11, 2017/Reply
  2. mallory says:

    I don’t entirely agree with the Diet Coke thing. I never drink it but when I do I definitely feel numbness/tingling and body pain. It 100% is from the DC because the Aspartame is a neurotoxin. A friend of mine had shoulder issues forever. Doctors/PT nothing could fix it. When she gave up coffee with artificial sugar the pain completely went away. Now we are both a little older than most of you (late 40s) and neither used to have an issue with it. So just because it doesn’t bother you now doesn’t meant it won’t always -or isn’t already but you just didn’t make the connection.

    January 12, 2017/Reply
  3. Where's the science? says:

    Aspartame is not a neurotoxin. It can cause an increase in phenylalanine, which is dangerous for phenylketonurics (those sensitive to phenylalanine) but it is neither a neurotoxin or a poison. This is supported by medical and scientific research. I would be curious to see what studies or research you are basing you statements on? I would caution thst stating that aspartame is s neurotocin just because you and your acquaintance had adverse reactions does not mean it is a toxin. It could mean that you both have a good sensitivity or allergy to aspartame, it could mean that caffeine or something else in your diet or lifestyles was affecting you both. If you feel better when not ingesting aspartame, all the power to you. I wouldn’t make claims of it’s toxicity though without scientific support. Anecdotal evidence/anecdata is not a solid approach.

    January 12, 2017/Reply