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The Ten: December 27, 2016


We’re traveling today.  I’m so ready to be home with my pups.  Not so much my bar prep books, but definitely my pups.  Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.


1) A D.C. doyenne gives the Trump’s advice on hosting parties in the nation’s capital. (The Washington Post)

2) Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale is on in a big way.  I’ll put up my detailed picks tomorrow, but this Laura Mercier makeup set and this Pleione Bateau Neck Blouse are worth a look.

3) Patagonia catalog copy re-written to better reflect the life of the wearer. (McSweeney’s)

4) Need earrings for NYE? Check out these delicate Kendra Scott Duster Earrings and Ashlyn Ear Climbers.

5) Why ranch resort tourists insist on dressing like cowpokes. Just stop. (Racked)

6) Best ASOS New Arrivals: This mauve a-line mini dress, this chic striped turtleneck, and this cognac hobo crossbody.

7) All the tops you need to expertly touch up your makeup mid-day. (Stylecaster)

8) Need all your nail polish off in a hurry?  Try X Factor’s Delete All for just $5.

9) Inside Ivanka and Tiffany’s complicated “sister-act” as Trump’s daughters. (Vanity Fair)

10) This Phase 3 crossbody satchel, with tassel accent, is the perfect winter-to-spring transition bag.  Just $79.

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  1. Monica T says:

    I picked up a Penfield Hoosac parka at the Nordstrom half-yearly sale, 25% off! I may have to go to South Dakota in February for work, and while it’s fun to joke about a SoCal girl having nothing to wear in the (real) winter, I don’t actually want to freeze. When someone starts talking about -20 I know I’m not prepared. Also, the last time I bought a winter coat was a decade ago, so thought it was time to get a nice grown up version.

    December 28, 2016/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Don’t forget to buy good socks and good gloves. Out of staters always show up in MT with great coats and then skimp on the socks. Smartwool.

      December 29, 2016/Reply
  2. thb says:

    Absolutely agree on the socks. Smartwool is a fantastic product. Once your feet and hands get cold it is difficult to get warm again. Case in point: If you an find them, I recommend you get a couple of pair of thin liners for your gloves. Get the ones that are tech friendly so you can use your phone/tablet without having to expose your hands to the cold.

    December 29, 2016/Reply
    • Monica T says:

      Thanks for the tips ladies! Luckily, I am a camper and have a good selection of smartwool socks, but I will probably need to get some other base layers, and glove liners sound like a great idea! What constitutes good gloves for that kind of weather I wonder, leather or wool?

      December 29, 2016/Reply