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The Ten: December 12, 2016



1) Nine things I wish someone had told me about my 30s. (The Everygirl)

2) This modern Gabi Shoulder Bag comes with a tote, a shoulder bag, and a coin purse for $78.

3) The fashion industry wants you yo wear pajamas in public. Robin Givhan explains why you shouldn’t. (WaPo)

4) I’m on the hunt for affordable sweaters and found this Chelsea28 Ruffle Sweater, this Trouve Deep-V Neck, and this Striped Merino Crewneck from BR.

5) What hiring managers look for first when they read your resume. (BossedUp)

6) Office Secret Santa: Try this magnetic sand timer ($8) or this cord organizer set ($24).

7) A rooming house for career-minded women in New York City. (NYT)

8) For $20, this Coastal Scents eye palette has every color you could want from deep purples to pale neutrals.

9) On Optimism and Despair.  I nodded the whole way through this.  (NYBooks)

10) These Sam Edelman pumps mix the lace-up look with a demure block heel for a unique shoe.  I’m also completely smitten with the brand’s simple, sleek Ruby flats.

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  1. kittycatbob says:

    Does there really need to be an article telling us not to wear our pjs in public? I fear for our society that we don’t have enough common sense to know that you get dressed in street clothes before leaving the house.

    December 12, 2016/Reply
    • Lisa says:

      Sadly, there does. When I have to tell my 14 year old daughter that leggings aren’t pants, when Selena Gomez wears pajamas with heels and a slash of red lipstick TWICE (!), there needs to be awareness that pajamas are not streetwear. Teen Vogue’s specific headline was “Selena Gomez Wore Pajamas in Public and Still Looked Amazing”. Elle magazine called her a hero and said if she can do it, we all can. No…just no. I may be a boring, mall-shopping, Gap wearing mom, but this is basically high fashion People of Walmart.

      December 12, 2016/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I’ve seen three or four bloggers wearing high-end silk pajamas on the street and saying, “I have a flight in three hours, thank God, Dior says pjs are okay now” or “when you don’t want to get dressed, you don’t have to anymore!” It’s crazy.

      December 12, 2016/Reply
  2. Jenn says:

    FYI, Coastal Scents almost always has sales on and that palette is currently only $10 through their website.

    December 12, 2016/Reply