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The Daily Eight: August 19, 2016



1) Why earning more shouldn’t mean spending more. (The Everygirl)

2) This BR top with cutwork sleeves is boho-chic perfection.  Also, their tweed, wrap jacket is awesome for fall.

3) Jessie Mendoza on why the haters better get used to women commentators in sports. (Marie Claire)

4) DvF is back in stock at The Outnet.  They have a basic black dress, a chic navy dress, and more, almost all under-$200.

5) Drinking, sexism, and what it takes to be a first-world woman–slightly rambling, but with nuggets for truth. (Medium)

6) JinSoon’s fall nail colors–from moody blues to pretty mauve–are spot on.

7) Gawker is dead.  Long live, Gawker. (The New York Times)

8) BCBGeneration has cool, affordable pieces.  I love this navy tuxedo-style blazer and this red cocktail dress is a pure stunner.

*image for sale on Etsy.



  1. Nonymouse says:

    Thank you for linking that BR tweed jacket! It’s rare that I see tweed in tall sizes.

    August 19, 2016/Reply
  2. Sara says:

    That Medium piece on women and drinking is super condescending and unapologetically judgmental of other women, and also seems exaggerated for dramatic effect. Every other woman she talks about seems like a stereotype and not an actual human being.

    August 23, 2016/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I didn’t find it condescending. I think it’s more about how you feel when you’re trying not to drink and everyone else is. I went through several years of not drinking, and it would get really frustrating when ppl are shoving cocktails in your hand at work functions or asking you why you’re not any fun anymore. It can start to feel very isolating, and like there isn’t anywhere you can go where alcohols not the focus. Because while you don’t expect everyone to stop drinking because you’re not, you just want your abstinence to be the focus of so much attention.

      August 23, 2016/Reply