Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: January 22, 2016



1) How your money mindset affects you and how to change it. (The Everygirl)

2) These affordable Bandolino Yara pointed-toe wedges are the perfect thing to wear with trousers.  They lengthen the leg and are as comfortable as flats.  Jackpot.

3) Barbara Tannenbaum teaches you the tools you need to become a more persuasive communicator. (Ivy)

4) If you live in cardigans, J.Crew Factory is offering their Caryn cardi in 12 colors for just $29.  Their Secretary blouse in teal or navy and white dot also caught my eye. 20%-off $100+ with code WEARNOW.

5) The High Price of Beauty: How much four women are spending on beauty products. (I don’t want to think about it.  I mean, my must-have iS Clinical Active Serum is $150 for 2oz.)

6) Looking for new sheets?  This Charter Club damask 500 thread count bedding is the best.  Lots of colors, and so cozy.

7) This biggest mistakes people make during job interviews. (Fast Company)

8) Anthropologie is offering 40-percent-off winter sale items.  From this Chalkboard Globe to this Index Striped Sweaterdress (also in petite), there are lots of cool choices.

9) She was a fighter in the French Resistance, one of the first editor’s for French Vogue, and a total badass.  Rest in Peace, Edmonde Charles Roux.

10) Athleta has created a chic, grow-up sweatpant.  No, that’s not a typo.  Their Midtown Trouser provides unmatched comfort and a bit of style.

11) The gender wage gap isn’t just unfair, it’s giving women anxiety and depression. (The Washington Post)

12) T Tahari always has gorgeous work clothes.  Their Mikayla dress (with sleeves!) caught my eye.  Their basic suiting offers you both the blazer and skirt for under-$175.

13) Trying to stay well this winter?  Science shows that zinc, not vitamin-C, may be the way to go. (MSN)

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  1. LS says:

    I don’t want to judge anyone but that beauty costs article, to me, is horrifying and sad. Maybe those women all make tons of money and it’s truly discretionary spending. But what about for the regular woman? Is 10k-20k on grooming really the expectation?

    January 22, 2016/Reply
    • Jenn S. says:

      That article horrified me, and I write a beauty blog. I completely cannot relate.

      The individuals the article discussed had roughly a $20k/yr beauty expenditure. Of course, they’re welcome to spend their own money however they please but…this is exorbitant. Even striking fitness related things (which, IMO, are more of a health than a beauty pursuit and should not be included) from the ledger, they’re all still over $15k/yr each.

      January 23, 2016/Reply