Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: December 4, 2015



1) The New Trophy Wife. (HuffPost Women)

2) Are you hard on your handbags? My neighbor is murder on hers, and loves this affordable Big Buddha bag.  It’s a great casual tote.

3) U.S. military opens all combat roles to women. Way to go, ladies. (Reuters)

4) I am desperate to own these show-stopping blush heels from BHLDN. So gorgeous.  These Betsey Johnson heels have a similar look for one-third the price.

5) Woman gets life threatening infection from wearing hair-tie around her wrist. Here’s the ultimate solution to this problem. (CBS)

6) Got pills? (Of the sweater variety, of course.) This sweater stone is the best thing for removing them.  In a pinch?  Safety razor.

7) Discussing the lasting legacy of Mr. Rogers, the stealthiest Christian missionary in the neighborhood. (The Atlantic)

8) I know this pearl rose luggage is deeply impractical (because it’s just going to get dirty), but I love it.

9) The ultimate hostess challenge: Entertaining people who don’t drink. (The Cut)

10) Miss The Oprah Show?  Amazon has her 2015 ‘favorite things.’  This smartphone photo printer is definitely on my list.  Also, Elvis Cake.

11) This Florida 5A high school wide receiver is 4’5″ tall and weighs just 95-lbs, and judging by this video, he’s killing it. (CBS Sunday Morning)

12) Bloomingdale’s is having a ‘private sale,’ $25 off every $100 spent.  This AQ/AQ cut-out sheath has a great look to it for your holiday party.  And this Alexander Wang shoulder-slit tee, sublime.  Add the matching skirt for a chic party look.

13) Are demographics political destiny?  What it would take to flip red-to-blue. (FiveThirtyEight)

14) The best part of shopping at Sephora during the holidays?  They have great special gifts and freebies.  Which is good, since I need to replace my powder foundation brush.

15) Five apps that help you find new books to read. (The Everygirl)

Gift Guide. I bought a Bluetooth portable speaker last summer and I love it.  It’s the best when you’re cleaning in different rooms or you want to be outside listening to music.

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  1. Pancakes says:

    Per #13: “What would it take to flip red to blue?”

    Donald Trump.

    December 4, 2015/Reply
  2. chandra says:

    Amen to the portable bluetooth speaker while cleaning the house. Great call!

    December 5, 2015/Reply
  3. Dee says:

    Um, I don’t drink and trust me, I’m pretty easy to entertain. Just more food please, and don’t make it all about the drinks.

    December 7, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I was a non-drinking til I was 26, and I think there is some merit to her argument. I have a great time until people get 3-4 drinks in. Then, it’s harder to have fun. So if I’m not drinking, I’ll generally head home a little earlier, but I still have fun.

      December 7, 2015/Reply