1. AR says:

    Just a heads up that I have that Burberry Brit trench in another color (purchased two years ago) and although it is a beautiful coat and I get lots of compliments, I have been very disappointed in the quality of the material. It pills like you wouldn’t believe. I wouldn’t buy another for this reason, especially for the price.

    November 11, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      Good to know, thanks for sharing.

      November 11, 2015/Reply
      • Virginia says:

        That makes me feel slightly better that I can’t afford it! (I love the J Crew trench. But the material is getting awful reviews, too! Apparently a quality coat is too much to ask for.)

        November 12, 2015/Reply
  2. Michele says:

    Ugh, I need a winter coat and it’s been a rough search. Even the coats in the $300-400 price range have weirdly tacky-looking hardware & other details, let alone the flimsy materials and strange design features I’ve seen. Maybe it’s just because so many places are doing cocoon or menswear-inspired styles, so the pool of “classic” coats is smaller? It’s getting cold out…

    November 12, 2015/Reply