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Ask Belle: Wallets for Small Bags


Do you have a favorite wallet for when you’re carrying smaller bags/clutches?


With a clutch of small bag, you have three choices: a small wallet, a card case, or a money clip.  I tend to skip the money clip because it can damage your driver’s license.

Coach makes a nice small wallet that comes in at under-$100.  I also like this under-$25 wallet from Neiman Marcus.  But my favorite wallet, in a chic, versatile black and white print, is this Cole Haan option.


Everlane Card Case ($40)

When I carry a small bag, I like to put my wallet-essentials in a small card case.  It’s the perfect size for a debit card, my ID, and a little bit of cash.

I own this Everlane case.  I also like this Bendel card case in a black and grey animal print.  This soft gold case is a versatile choice that will match almost any bag.

I used to use a J.Crew Magic Wallet, which I like for the additional space.  Fossil also makes a ‘magic wallet’ in emerald-green.



  1. Anna says:

    I got a very similar card case from a Kate Spade outlet for around $20. Thought I was only going to use it for going out and when I carry a small bag, but it’s pretty much become my go-to. I don’t really carry much cash, so I just need my ID, Smartrip, 3-4 credit cards, and a few business cards.

    October 26, 2015/Reply
  2. Crystal says:

    Dagne Dover makes a cute, resilient, waxed linen option in a variety of colors. They’re only $35, and I really like that your contents are contained in a snap closure but the back has a slit pocket (perfect for a business card or two or your metro card). They’re tiny enough to fit in any clutch. (The Card Case)

    October 26, 2015/Reply