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Morning Line: October 6

It’s a common dilemma, you put on a pair of jeans or a cute skirt and then, you just stare at your tops wondering why you have nothing to wear.  I’m trying to add a few tops to my seemingly sparse selection.  So this week, the morning post will feature shirts and blouses from a single retailer.

Today’s choice?  Boden.


Textured Silk Top ($110, also in black and ivory)


Jersey Jacquard Top ($62)


Angie 100% Silk Top ($106, six colors)


Gwyneth Blouse ($65, several colors and prints available)




  1. agnes says:

    Hi Belle,

    I actually ordered the Jaquard top and returned it. The shirt was not what was advertised. Although I do like Boden in general. This was a total miss.

    October 6, 2015/Reply
    • Jamie says:

      What about it did you not like?

      October 6, 2015/Reply
      • agnes says:

        The design looked okay at first, but it isn’t lined and it does not look like it would retain its shape after a wash. Boden said it is washable. Also the fabric looked like it pill.

        October 7, 2015/Reply
  2. Sara says:

    You just described me every morning! Ha. And apparently I only gravitate towards black blouses, which I don’t usually like to wear with my black pencil skirt or black pants, so I put myself into this situation. I love the first and third blouses, especially.


    October 6, 2015/Reply