Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: August 26, 2015



1) The M-Dash has the style faux pas to avoid at work.  Could I add wearing a sleeveless dress without shaving your underarms?

2) River Island is quickly becoming my favorite, affordable retailer.  This mini-box tote is so chic.  And this dark purple hobo with a tassel detail is a wonderful choice for fall.

3) No, you do not need to drink eight glasses of water a day.

4) DvF is offering 30%-off styles for early fall.  I love the dotted print on this gorgeous Irina dress, and the bold green of this Zoe dress is fun.

5) The best jobs now require you to be a people person.

6) Sephora has quite the sale section.  This smoky eye palette has some pretty colors.  This $5 nail polish correcting pen is definitely worth a look.

7) Women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to vote.

8) I absolutely adore this lapis statement ring from Madewell.  This long token necklace also caught my eye.

9) Levo League makes the case for leaving the job you don’t love.

10) Tired? The Cut tries out six eye masks.  Personally, I like this Glam Glow brightening mud.

11) Helen Gurley Brown, founder of Cosmopolitan, died with a huge estate, and no heirs.

Eye Candy. Badgley Mischka brings the drama in the back

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  1. BD says:

    🙁 ugh, still more shaming about hair that natural grows out of our bodies. I thought by now we would have moved beyond that.

    August 27, 2015/Reply
  2. Valerie says:

    I have to agree with @BD, even though I personally shave my underarms and legs (especially during hot DC summers, I prefer to have less hair all over). Not shaving or not wearing makeup–one of the other “faux pas” in that piece–don’t necessarily mean that a woman is ignoring personal grooming. I’ve worked with female colleagues who have an impeccable sense of style and professionalism who just don’t choose to add makeup or meticulous hair removal to their routines.

    It’s true though that in some work environments (uber-conservative corporations and firms, or offices on the Hill) women stick out as “unprofessional” if they don’t conform to particular grooming standards. But I’m hoping this changes eventually, just like it’s become more acceptable for women to wear pantsuits (not skirt suits) and we’re no longer required to wear pantyhose (ugh).

    August 27, 2015/Reply