Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: July 16, 2015



1) A number of recent articles have talked about how women overuse ‘just’ and ‘like’ and ‘sorry’.  NYMag asks, “Why can’t we just get over the way women talk?”

2) Target has some well-styled wallets for under-$20.  Their zip-around wallet, tri-fold wallet, and double-zip wallet come in a wide selection of colors.

3) 7 Retirement Myths You Should Know Are False.

4) This Antonio Melani dress has the structured, modern look that I expect from Black Halo, for half the price.

5) Fast Company offers four Gmail hacks that will help you clean out your inbox in no time.

6) Sole Society has some cool, affordable jewelry right now.  I love these turquoise stud earrings, this chic armor bracelet, and do not miss this crazy-cool stone ring.

7) The science behind surviving a sleepless night, and how to be productive at work the morning after (video).

8) Looking for day-to-night blouses?  I love this lace-trimmed racerback top and this Max Mara tee with an embellished neckline.

9) 16 tweets that explain perfectly how kids relate to technology.

10) ‘Yes to’ has come out with some great new products.  This active charcoal bar soap is great for body acne sufferers.  These coconut makeup-removing wipes are really gentle.

11) The artist who wants people to stop telling women to smile (this happened to me last night, and until that moment, I’d forgotten how annoying it is).

12) Greatest Mother-of-the-Bride gown, ever. (And a gorgeous, affordable option.)

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  1. Monica says:

    #1 – I agree that the obsession with women’s communication is a double edged sword, it’s good to call attention to the fact that women communicate differently, but does it always have to be labelled as a bad thing? I believe our more ‘relationship building’ communication style can be a great asset in the workplace. I make sure to avoid “cutesy” speak, or overtly passive language, but knowing how to talk so that people hear you is a talent, not a liability.

    #11 – Is there anything more patronizing than being told to smile? I also like that she addresses the other side of the coin, that women can be harassed for being feminine (pretty) or masculine (tough). I was always a tom boy and had some bad experiences when I was in middle school with this. Glad to see her campaign has gone international.

    July 16, 2015/Reply
  2. Leigh says:

    This is timely, because I was just reading Language Log’s fascinating blog posts about uptalk:

    July 16, 2015/Reply
  3. Niki says:

    I have had a succession of those Target zip around wallets over the last 5 years or so (they last for at least a year if not more) and they are fantastic. Lots of colors, fit a lot of stuff (I over-pack them) and super cheap!

    July 16, 2015/Reply
  4. Jen says:

    #1 – hey recent articles, how about we don’t generalize to all women? we don’t all talk like that, and if you add ‘ummmm’ and ‘like’ between every sentence you DO sound, at best, unsure of yourself, and at worst downright ignorant.

    July 16, 2015/Reply
  5. SN says:

    #11: Homemade wheat paste. Why can’t she just use paint? And why does modern art have to be so goddamn pretentious?

    July 16, 2015/Reply
    • Monica says:

      I’m pretty sure she’s talking about glue for holding up posters she’s making at her studio, otherwise it would be permanent.

      July 16, 2015/Reply
  6. Chelsea says:

    After leaving DC and moving back to the South, I realized I forgot how offputting the frowns DC women seem to always wear are.
    Seriously, put a smile on your face – you’ll feel better and everyone else will too.

    July 16, 2015/Reply
    • Christina says:

      Why is it mine or anyone else’s responsibility to make someone else feel better? I’m sorry, but my resting face is naturally what some would consider to be pretty upsetting. RBF is a real thing and being told to fight my natural facial physiology is patronising. So no, I will not.

      July 17, 2015/Reply
    • Jamie says:

      Oh please. You can smile walking around and I’ll just have my normal face on – not smiling or frowning. Which is what I’m sure the majority of the women “frowning” are doing.

      July 17, 2015/Reply
      • Chelsea says:

        Glad you’re embracing your Chronic Resting B*** Face.

        July 17, 2015/Reply
    • Leigh says:

      Or, and I say this as a Southerner, how about you mind your own face?

      July 17, 2015/Reply
  7. Susannah says:

    That Anais is misspelled is driving me *bonkers*.

    July 16, 2015/Reply
  8. Sade says:

    The retirement myths is good stuff. Was panicking by number 2.

    July 17, 2015/Reply