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BPGP: TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack

61XTYffas9L-1._SX522_Last week was incredibly exhausting.  I slept four hours a night, and felt a bit like death.  But my skin, which is usually pale and sallow due to lack of sleep, betrayed nothing.

What magic made this bright, rested look possible?  The TonyMoly Banana Sleeping Pack ($11).

South Korean skincare is known for rich products that deliver great results, and the Banana Sleeping Pack is no exception.  The Sleeping Pack deeply moisturizes the skin with banana extracts and chamomile.  The effect is smoother and brighter skin each morning.

Because this product is on the heavy side, use it in place of your regular night cream.  Since I have combination skin, I use a very small amount, and I found it to be more than sufficient.  Also, don’t forgot that the product needs to be washed off each morning.

Lastly, the packaging is really adorable and the product has a wonderful banana scent to it.  I usually don’t care for scented skincare products, but this one has a lovely fragrance.

Bottom line, I loved this product.  During a week when my skin should have been nightmare, it was a dream.  It’s a bit heavy, so remember to use it sparingly.



  1. Katie says:

    Recently spotted this and a lot of other Tony Moly products in store at Urban Outfitters. Just FYI since Sephora only carries a limited selection and the Amazon resellers of overseas skincare products can be hit or miss.

    June 23, 2015/Reply
    • GeeCee says:

      And if you happen to be in the DC area, there’s a standalone Tony Moly store in Annandale. I haven’t been in yet myself, but it’s on my summer to-do list.

      June 23, 2015/Reply