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Ask Belle: Pairing Necklaces and Necklines

Dear Belle,

I’m catching up on some old posts and read your advice about complementary necklines. Can you explain some more about what you mean by that?  I don’t really get how the necklace and the neckline can match.  

Best, HH

I find that necklaces look their most flattering when the shape and curve of the necklace complements the shape and curve of a piece of clothing’s neckline.  I think the symmetry of pairing like shapes just looks a bit better than choosing looks that contrast.  Let me illustrate my point with a visual aid.


From Left, H&M Double Strand Necklace ($10) and Vince Sleeveless Dress ($575) //Baublebar Wishbone Pendant ($34) and Violeta Decorative Seam Dress ($159) // Domo Beads Necklace ($20) and Joseph Dora Crepe Dress ($245) // Celestial Spike Amulet ($38) and H&M Long Sleeved Dress ($25)


As you can see through these four examples, the shape of the first three necklaces complement the shape and look of the first three dresses.  The necklace for the fourth dress resolves a separate issue, because it balances the long sleeves.  Let’s go through each look one at a time.

A basic black sheath looks best with either a short collar necklace or a long single strand necklace.  I like this beaded collar, but you could also go with the texture of a multi-chain necklace with different size links mixed in.  Another good option?  A simple metal collar.

Looking for a similar dress for less?  Calvin Klein and Tahari ASL have you covered.  Plus-size?  Try this Jones New York dress.

The second dress is from Violeta, and comes in sizes 10-16.  Though if the folks at Mango are listening, I would buy it in a size 4, right now if it were available. (hint, hint)  The v-neckline looks great with the simple pendant necklace.  Right now, my favorite necklace comes from Coordinates Collection.

The third dress comes in a stunning black and slate leopard print.  It’s such a sophisticated dress.  I added these long beaded necklaces to complement the roundness of the neckline and the color of the dress. The length and color also help balance out the print.

If I were choosing a long necklace for the basic, crewneck sheath in look one, I would choose a long station necklace like this one from Nadri.

The final dress has a crew neck, but it has an issue the other dresses don’t, long sleeves.  Without a more substantial, longer necklace, the dress will become an impenetrable sea of green.  So I wanted to balance the look with a piece that met the definition of ‘statement necklace.’

Baublebar has some stylish, substantial pieces right now.  I also like this shield-collar with crystal accents, and this opal amulet necklace.  Prefer something on the dainty side?  Try this long, crystal-wand pendant.


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