Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: June 12, 2015



1) Why women are judged more harshly than men for leaving work early.

2) I absolutely adore the poppy print on this cardigan from LOFT.  And this floral-print blouson dress?  Perfect for semi-casual summer evenings.

3) Fast Company covers how to become the smartest person in the room with tips to boost your IQ and look smarter.

4) Ciate’s Choc Pot is a quick, mess-free way to remove your nail polish.  It’s also chocolate scented.

5) Just because I’ve seen too many movies, I kind of loved this article on how to rob a bank, written by a real (former) bank robber.

6) ASOS has the greatest shoes.  These Fancify sandals are fashion-forward and to.die.for.  I love the cut-outs on the front of these work-friendly pumps.  And where can you get a real leather ballet flat for $36?

7) From quinoa to acai, American’s are obsessed with “super foods.”  Hopes & Fears covers the intersection of food and fad.

8) Anthropologie has some adorable summer tops and sweaters.  I love this sheer cardigan with pom-pom trim.  And this silver-stripe crewneck would look awesome with shorts.

9) A New York Times style writer discusses why she’s breaking up with her Apple Watch. (Do you have one?  Do you want one?)

10) Throw pillows are so expensive.  Luckily, Gilt has a great selection of gorgeous pillow sets marked down to reasonable prices.

11) Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is back!  And while I’m not a fan of the Seinfeld sitcom, I loved watching Jerry and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss reminisce.

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  1. N says:

    The first article hit home. I get judged for leaving on time or early even if my work is all done and I don’t even have kids. Just because I want to spend time with my husband and leave time to workout and enjoy my night makes me a slacker.

    June 12, 2015/Reply
  2. Heather says:

    re the apple watch: I don’t have one, don’t want one. Instead I got the touch screen nano a few years ago that does everything I want without intruding on my life like the iwatch does. And they released watch bands for it, so I wear that alternated with my grown up looking steel timex

    June 12, 2015/Reply
  3. Monica says:

    I don’t get the smart watch thing, not Apple or Android. My brother-in-law and his girlfriend have the Android flavor (he got her one, lucky girl) and they are giant black faced screens…on their wrists. Maybe I’m too old eye sight is too bad, but I just don’t see any use. I replaced my analog watch band today and couldn’t be happier.

    June 12, 2015/Reply