Workday Reading

The Workday Reading: June 9, 2015



1) Kids can learn as much from Sesame Street as they do from pre-school.  The A.V. Club also has a post on Sesame Street’s recent pop-culture parodies.

2) This $38 sculptural, envelope clutch in your choice of grey or blush is perfection.

3) Is technology making the full-time job a thing of the past?  Also, Fast Company discusses how the highest-paying jobs of the future will eat your life.

4) Nordstrom Rack has a nice selection of discounted jewelry.  These long “pod” earrings from Rachel Zoe are classic.  I also adore this long, feminine leaf-locket necklace.

5) Without Christianity, what year would it be?

6) The Ann Taylor slide sandals look very comfortable. I’ll let you know if my impressions are correct.

7) Men’s Health discusses which part of your body is most vulnerable to skin cancer.  (Be mindful of hands and feet as well.  They get more sun than you think.)

8) More Magazine covers their favorite fitness trackers.  Personally, I love my Misfit Shine.

9) The Levo League presents five pieces of common work advice you should ignore. (I agree with ditching all of these.)

10) Oh…Valentino

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