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Ask Belle: Casual Jackets Not Made of Fleece

Hi Belle!

I’m having trouble figuring out how to transition my casual wardrobe to adulthood after being in a rural college town for so long. I wear a fleece zip-up jacket on chillier days and I’d like to know about some acceptable, more put together spring/summer/fall/general outerwear styles that are really easy to pair with casual clothes for brunch, a Nats game, etc. My budget is $125 or less.


Oh, the zip-up fleece.  I see a lot of zip-up fleece living out West.  Hell, I saw a lot of zip-up fleece living in D.C..  And while there is nothing wrong with a fleece jacket when you’re hiking, camping, sailing, or doing some equally outdoorsy activity–for in-town wear–we can do better than fleece.

For me, a casual jacket should fall somewhere between fleece and a trench coat.  A trench can be worn casually, of course, but variety never hurt anyone.  Additionally, sometimes, an outfit is simply too casual for a trench.  Here are a few options that are (mostly) in your price range.


Tommy Hilfiger Belted Utility Jacket ($69)


Barbour Calvary Quilt Jacket ($133)


Black Denim Cowl Jacket ($98)


LOFT Relaxed Utility Jacket ($128, also in petite and tall)


Rebecca Taylor Tweed Moto Jacket ($330)


Tommy Hilfiger Denim Jacket ($65)


Helmut Lang Zip Jacket ($298)

Plus-size? This Ralph Lauren utility jacket has a sleek, Town and Country look to it.  Also try this Lane Bryant moto jacket.


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  1. Anna says:

    Oh goodness, I never saw the appeal of the North Face. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean you should wear it everywhere. It’s still basically a sweatshirt.

    June 8, 2015/Reply