BPGP: Living Proof Shampoo/Conditioner

Snip20150601_1For over a year, I used Pureology Hydrate shampoo and conditioner.  I loved what it did for my hair, but it was so hard on my skin.  Acne on my shoulders, back, hairline…not awesome.  And with summer on the horizon, I decided that I was going to find a shampoo/conditioner that could do great things for my hair without compromising my skin.

I tried a few brands, but ultimately settled on Living Proof Full shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re going to sell shampoo as volumizing, it better deliver.  And Living Proof delivers.  My hair is much more voluminous that it was before.  The volume also lasts all-day, so I can avoid the 2:00PM coif collapse.

The Living Proof conditioner is not nearly as hydrating as the Pureology.  My hair feels a bit dry after I use it.  I remedy that with a few spritzes of It’s a 10 leave-in conditioning spray.  I will also need a conditioning pack every few weeks to keep my ends in shape.

Living Proof shampoos and conditioners are not cheap.  If you want to try them before you commit to the full-price purchase, I recommend buying the travel size kit.  You can test it out before you make the switch.

I really like this shampoo.  I love having more voluminous hair without much effort.  I also love that there’s no fragrance in the products, and that they don’t aggravate my skin like the Pureology does.



  1. NS says:

    Wow. I loved the travel size when I first got it, and now its been a couple weeks with the hydrating version of this shampoo + conditioner. Problem: I’ve been getting dandruff! ugh. I’m thinking of trying this one next: https://www.acureorganics.com/Moroccan-Argan-Oil-Argan-Stem-Cell-Shampoo-p/025.htm
    cheaper, and excellent reviews.

    June 2, 2015/Reply
  2. Kelly says:

    I had the same experience, my salon switched to this brand so I bought some samples to try and loved them. Now that I’ve committed to full bottles, I can’t wait till these run out! The brand is very expensive and at my colorists suggestion, I’ve been using the “No Frizz” spray and its first ingredient is alcohol and I can tell, my hair is so dry now!

    June 2, 2015/Reply
  3. Kashana says:

    Guessing this is a sponsored post? So I’m curious, do you know if LP is offering samples or discounts? I love their shampoo as well. At over $52 a go for a shampoo and conditioner though, it’s a steep price to pay to wash hair!

    June 2, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      I almost never do sponsored posts. When I do, they’re marked in accordance with FTC rules. I just bought it and liked it.

      June 2, 2015/Reply
    • Justine says:

      As a customer with no insider info, this is what I’ve observed about Living Proof’s sampling/pricing/discounting:

      (1) There are almost always samples/GWP or discounts available through Sephora or Ulta. If you go to a brick-and-mortar Sephora store, the staff are generous with samples.

      (2) This year, up until this month (June), Living Proof’s own website consistently ran sampling promos that were easy to predict. The first week of the month offered 4 deluxe sample/travel size GWPs with any $39+ purchase. The second week offered 3 GWPs. The third week offered 2 GWPs. The last week offered 1 GWP. Then it appears that Living Proof hired a new in-house social media strategist (I saw the job posting which I presume has now been filled) and the GWP program changed this month. So the slate has been wiped clean and I can no longer predict what’s the best time of month to buy Living Proof.

      (3) For anybody who lives in the Boston area, Living Proof runs a sample sale in mid-December at the corporate HQ in Cambridge during which full-sized products are priced $1-$6. I’ve always known about sample sales for clothing and accessories, but I was surprised to learn that there are also sample sales for beauty and personal care products.

      (4) If you know a licensed cosmetologist, ask if they’re willing to buy you products with their professional discount. Depending on the product and brand, usually licensed professionals pay 1/2 of what consumers pay. For example, a bottle of Olaplex No. 3 costs professionals $14, for which they then charge consumers $30 in salons.

      June 6, 2015/Reply