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The Workday Reading: May 7, 2015



1) People talk about the genius of Humans of New York, but it turns out that Instagram has become a medium for chronicling the lives of America’s overlooked populations.

2) H&M has some cool accessories right now.  This copper-colored set of stack rings is such a bargain.  So cool.  I also love this perforated leather belt.

3) The Atlantic covers the rise of the completely sheer wedding gown.  There are no telling how many of those Pnina Tornai lingerie dresses Kleinfeld’s has sold thank to ‘Say Yes to the Dress.’

4) I am obsessed with cut-out, racerback tops for the gym.  This one from Lululemon is really great.  I also like this long-sleeve version from Splits59.  I also picked up this $12 braided tank to wear over a sports bra.

5) A disgraced former-aide to the California Atty. General is accused of running a rogue, Masonic police force.  Those aren’t words that you see written together very often.

6) This bright, Milly sundress is everything I’m looking for in a summertime frock.

7) This melon, prosciutto, and mozzarella appetizer looks perfect for a dinner on the patio.

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  1. Meghan says:

    Hi Belle! The first item on this list reminded me of an amazing local non-profit my friend started last year, Person First Project. She interviews and photographs people that are experiencing homelessness and tells their stories – very inspiring, heartbreaking, and at the end, hopeful. It’s also featured every Friday on the POPville blog.

    “Person First Project is a photo blog that seeks to give those currently or formerly experiencing homelessness in D.C. the chance to share their stories. In doing this, we hope to reduce the barriers that separate people in D.C. and spark a dialogue. The Person First Project aims to connect us – and to make us all feel a bit more human.”

    Just thought I’d pass it along 🙂

    May 7, 2015/Reply