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The Workday Reading: April 6, 2015



I took a bit of a short day today so I could spend some time with my parents over the holiday weekend.  I’ll sprinkle this week’s Ask Belles throughout the week.  See you tomorrow!


1) A writer at Medium challenged herself to spend her Internet time actively, instead of passively falling into the void.  Read about how it changed her thinking (and her life) for the better.

2) Target has some fun tops in stock.  I like this tunic with a subtle dot print, and this wonderfully detailed crepe blouse in your choice of four colors.

3) The Cut offers a series of exercises that they say can work out your whole body in 20-minutes.  It looks tough, but doable.

4) Piperlime is offering what is probably its last set of new arrivals.  I love this lace sweatshirt for mixing casual and chic.  I also adore these Dolce Vita lace-up sandals.

5) Krewella is breaking down barriers in the EDM music world.  Sadly, like all female trailblazers, they face sexism and cruelty from some of their male cohorts.

6) My skin is struggling with the change of seasons, so I went back to my trusty humidifier.  This white one from Crane is functional without being an eyesore.

7) Looking for some new books to read? Check out the New York Public Library’s Young Lions.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I have that Crane humidifier! Works like a charm.

    April 6, 2015/Reply