Workday Reading

Belle’s Weekly Reading: February 13, 2015



1) Would you believe that fear of Friday the 13th affects as many as 21 million Americans? The History Channel covers the likely origins of the Friday the 13th hysteria.

2) I just know I’m going to be wearing this $59 Mango dress all summer long. Ugh, I can’t wait for summer.

3) Wow. This 83-year-old model looks incredible.  I need the number of her plastic surgeon.  Also, major hair envy.

4) Looking for lingerie that is lacy, racy, and inexpensive?  H&M has some lovely choices.  I adore this sheer chiffon nightgown.  This lace bustier with mesh and lace briefs is lovely.  For something fabulous that you can wear every day, try this dotted balconet bra.

5) The New York Times makes an excellent case for why the 1990s were the best decade ever.

6) Need to store your curling iron or flat-iron without getting burned?  This Hot Iron Holster hangs from your sink or counter without glue or nails.

7) What’s the most common job in each U.S. state?  The answers may surprise you.

8) I love these Noir Jewelry crystal cupped earrings; they pack a lot of punch in a small package.  I also love these gorgeous teardrop cuffs.

9) Looking for a dessert to make this weekend?  This recipe for one giant chocolate chip cookie is fun.  I also love these marshmallow treats made with Ruffles potato chips.  And for a decadent breakfast option, how about cinnamon buns with whisky, cream cheese frosting.

10) This draped Alexander Wang cocktail dress in a soft blush is too gorgeous for words…and it’s on sale.

11) Pinterest is developing a “buy” button so users can purchase directly from the site.  This will no doubt anger the thousands of bloggers who post items using affiliate links to generate extra cash.

12) I sleep in J.Crew Factory’s t-shirts, so I was so happy to see that both their v-necks and crewnecks are 40%-off their usual $15 price.  I also love this dotted blouse and this gorgeous cobalt button-up.  And don’t miss this sleek, flutter-sleeve sheath dress.

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