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Morning Line: February 2

One of the comments that I hear from readers is that it’s easy to pick out pieces that they love, but difficult to turn those pieces into outfits.  So I thought this week, I’d do something a little different.  The morning post will feature three pieces from the same retailer, all costing under-$100, that make one killer outfit.


Jacquard Short Sleeve Sweatshirt ($49) // Polka Dot Utility Blouse ($59) // Marisa Stretch Trouser ($79)

Red and navy is a classic combination.  The pop of this cherry-hued sweatshirt and the dotted blouse creates a stylish, slightly whimsical accompaniment to the staid navy suit trousers.

If you work in a professional office, this is a good casual Friday option.  If you work somewhere more relaxed, it’s a good option for any day of the week.  You can also switch out the trousers for jeans.

If you prefer a cardigan, LOFT offers the same punchy red in a simple cardi.  And if button-up shirts aren’t your thing, they have a crewneck blouse in the same dotted print.

Need shoe recommendations?  Glad you asked.  I’d wear a navy pointed toe pump or pointed toe flat.  I would avoid wearing a red shoe; it’s a bit too on the nose.

All of these pieces can be purchased in tall or petite sizes.  Need plus-sizes?  Try this Jones NY cardi, with this Forever21 blouse, and these Sejour trousers.



  1. Andrea says:

    I love this type of post. I have the same issue-creating outfits. I would love to see this be a staple much like I loved the Pinterest posts. Thank you, Belle for investing your time to help us all look a little more fabulous.

    February 2, 2015/Reply
  2. Lexi says:

    LOVE this type of post! Thank you!

    February 2, 2015/Reply