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Morning Line: January 9


Banana Republic Victoria Laptop Tote ($165)

No sooner had I written about laptop totes on Wednesday than I saw this bag at Banana Republic.  It’s made of quilted nylon with leather trim and sleek, gold hardware.  It has an inner zip-pocket, a laptop pocket, and a pocket for your phone.  It’s not big enough that it will hold everything, but it’s a chic option for those who need an affordable laptop tote for work.

Best of all?  Buy it before 1/10 and save 30% with code BRBLUE, making the price a very pleasant $115.



  1. helen says:

    Belle – the link takes us to some fantastic necklaces at BaubleBar

    January 9, 2015/Reply
  2. ACD says:

    Heads up – the current link goes to a necklace website

    January 9, 2015/Reply
    • Belle says:

      sorry guys, I was traveling and couldn’t fix this earlier. All done.

      January 9, 2015/Reply
  3. LS says:

    FYI Belle this link is going to Bauble Bar

    This bag is adorable though! Looks like the quilted Vera Bradley line my mom is obsessed with (free of garish prints).

    January 9, 2015/Reply
  4. Joules (@stylebyjoules) says:

    That is truly a great find. Most of the quilted bags I find are leather and therefor way too heavy to cary with a 15″ macbook. I love that this one is nylon!

    January 9, 2015/Reply
  5. GN says:

    I do not think it’s a good laptop bag, if you carry your laptop all the time. The handles are too narrow, it would hurt the shoulders really fast. I do not like a long strap, as I am a short person. The bag ends up being a little too close to the ground. Is there any bag (which can fit a laptop) with wide hand handles to go over the shoulder? I am always looking, not finding much. Thank you!

    January 9, 2015/Reply
  6. Anna says:

    I haven’t seen it in person, but the Lo & Son’s Brookline appears to have a similar shape but much sturdier straps. I own the OMG which looks to have the same kind of straps, and I load that bag up (it’s also much bigger) and have never had any issues. If anything, it’s uncomfortable from just my being lopsided, but not the straps themselves. Their bags are also very well made, so the straps are pretty durable.

    January 10, 2015/Reply
  7. Helena says:

    I am extremely happy with my Avignon bag from Knomo. I have it for two years now and it still looks pristine. https://www.knomobags.com/usa/avignon-slim-brief-black-13-laptop-bag.html

    January 12, 2015/Reply