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Ask Belle Roundup, Vol. IV, No. Thirty-Four


I have fall on the brain and am on the hunt for a leather mini skirt. I’m thinking more like a fall-cozy-chic kinda vibe, not a tough biker vibe.Something warm-colored but I’m not feeling too picky. Have you seen anything out there? How would you style it?

Thanks! Kara

Leather skirts are going to be a big trend this fall.  I’m already seeing them on personal style blogs, so if women are wearing them in the August heat, they’ll certainly be wearing them when it cools down.

How much you want to spend on the skirt depends on how often you think you’ll wear it.  For me, finding something under-$100 would be best.


River Island High Waist Leather-Like Skirt ($60)

This River Island skirt comes in five colors from pale pink to chocolate-brown to black.  It’s a good choice for women who don’t want to spend much on this piece, but want to take advantage of the trend.

For a richer brown color, this Jucca pencil skirt is a great choice, it also comes in maroon.  This mid-thigh length pencil from Karen Kane would be fun for a night out, and it’s just $20.  I also like this flared, leather skirt from Nordstrom in a dark brown.

Prefer a black skirt?  I think the nicest one on the market is this perforated faux-leather pencil from Banana Republic.  It also comes in petite and tall sizes.  Plus-size? Try this midnight-navy skirt from DKNY.

Dear Belle,

This is a weird problem, but here it goes.  My underarm hair grows back very quickly.  Even if I wax, within two weeks, it’s all back.  Have you ever done laser hair removal?  I’m considering it.

If you haven’t maybe one of your readers can talk about it in the comments.


I have not done laser hair removal, but I know some readers have.  If you decide that is not how you want to go, Whish makes a towelette that you can use on your underarms to inhibit hair growth and deodorize.  It’s a great day to cut down on how frequently you need to shave your underarms.

Hey Belle,

I’m obsessed with the light pink “blush” color that’s popular right now. Do you think it will be a color that can go into the Fall and Winter? If so, could you find me some should bags/hobos and jackets in this color for under $150?  I’m not sure which items I’d use more.

Thank you! Jordan in Nashville

You can wear pale pinks with grey and black, so they’re a nice complement to the cold weather color palette.  They bring a little lightness to the rest of the wardrobe regardless of season.

If it’s a blazer you’re after, both Dorothy Perkins and Topshop have collarless, blush jackets on offer.  I also like this Club Monaco bomber jacket for something softer and slouchier.

Prefer a bag? This Express bowler bag has a classic shape and comes in four colors, including red and blush.  It’s a great choice for $60.  This Ivanka Trump shoulder bag has a cool, laser-cut look to it.  If it’s a hobo you’re after, this Kelsi Dagger bag is a good choice.

Dear Belle,

I recently started a new job at a boarding school that requires me to work after dinner. There is nothing in the town to eat so I want to bring my own food. Do you have any suggestions for lunchboxes that look professional enough to carry into work?


I own one of these Good Lunch bags.  I like the simpler look.  One of my old co-workers carried a Built lunch bag and liked the durability of the Neoprene material.  I’m sure readers have other suggestions for you to look into as well.

Hi Belle,

Can you recommend a pair of leopard flats that won’t break my budget?  I love these Gianvito Rossi flats, but my junior lobbyist salary won’t allow it.  Love the blog!


Ah, leopard, my second favorite thing about fall, after tall boots.  I’m so glad that leopard is on trend for summer as well.

My favorite leopard flats are the B.P. Moveover pointy-toe flats.  The best part is that they’re under-$50.  These Steve Madden d’Orsay flats are also a good choice.  For a real bargain, try these under-$25 flats from Forever21.



  1. Kat says:

    For the leather skirt, Old Navy has a great one for under $50-perfect to be on trend while knowing it won’t be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

    Old Navy also has cute leopard flats for $35. Lands End has fantastic leopard flats (both smoking slipper style and traditional ballet flat) for under %100.

    Old Navy is currently having a sale, 25% off today with coupon SAVEMORE.

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  2. Heather says:

    We ordered the BlueAvocado lunchboxes from Amazon. They’re well insulated, decent sized pretty good quality, and the tuxedo stripe is unisex enough that my husband and I can both use them. (We got one of each style. Sometimes one person’s lunch fits in one shape better than the other.) Be aware that the ivory is not a true white but a grayed white. The prints are distinctive but not necessarily twee (Except the birds on the wire print- that one looks like a diaper bag. Maybe it’s just the sage colorway) The reusable sandwich bags are nice quality and generously sized. I would also get a flat freezer pack to keep things cold for 12+ hours.

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  3. jj says:

    I’ve had laser hair remover for my underarms – it’s life changing. I started in April (you go once/month until there isn’t any more regrowth), had my last appt in July and now I’m hair free! I highly recommend it.

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  4. Kelly Andthenblog says:

    I own a Kora lunchbag from Amazon (Prime eligible), and I love it. I have a print similar to the one I linked to, but mine is more subdued. I am routinely getting asked if it is my purse, which I guess is good (for the lunchbox, not so much for my purses). It’s massive inside: I can fit a divided bento box style Tupperware laid flat, plus fruit and jars and a drink. The little zipper pocket on the outside is clutch, too.

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  5. LS says:

    A – just curious, I’m a boarding school alumna and most of our faculty eat for free in the dining hall because they live on campus. Even for those that don’t, we have “formal” (sit down) dinner a few times a week and faculty serve as the table hosts so again, eating for free. I thought this was the norm at most schools… Again, just wondering!

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  6. SFede says:

    The link for the Ivanka Trump handbag goes to the Express bag….

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  7. LB says:

    I’ve done laser hair removal for my underarms. It’a seriously life changing, especially if you have dark enough hair that it can be seen under your pale skin (even if you’ve just shaved). In my experience: I had to go a lot to get it all removed (probably 8 times at least) and then a couple years after I originally had it done, I changed birth control (hormonal change) a significant amount returned and I need to go back again, but I’m lazy and it’s expensive.

    Even after the re-growth though, I have a lot less hair than before and it looks good after shaving, although I do have to shave my underarms basically daily now. I recommend finding someone who is very experienced doing the laser removal–the laser can discolor your skin if you don’t have someone experienced doing it.

    Pain factor–it’s similar to getting your underarms waxed. It’s uncomfortable, but it only last less than 30 seconds on each underarm and so it’s easy to make it through. Another nice bonus of getting the laser hair removal is that even when you’re in the process of getting it removed, after each laser session you won’t grow hair for a number of weeks.

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  8. Nicole says:

    I’m also in the midst of laser hair removal on my underarms. I’ve had two treatments so far (every 8 weeks at the MedSpa I’m going to), and it’s AMAZING. Like jj, I highly recommend it.

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  9. MM says:

    This entire outfit is calling my name–green leather skirt, leopard heels. Perfect!

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  10. Judy says:

    Belle – Have you had any issues with comfort/lack of arch support with the BP moreover shoes?


    August 11, 2014/Reply
    • Jamie says:

      I’ve been wearing my moveover flats basically daily for the last two weeks since I got them. They are pretty comfortable, although I do need to wear a bandaid to prevent blisters on a couple of my toes. I am prone to blisters, so it may just be me. I am finding that my legs are more sore than I would expect given my ~1/2 mile walk to work and I am wondering if it is due to the lack of support. I am thinking of switching to the dreaded sneaker to walk to work in. Will report back if I make the switch.

      August 14, 2014/Reply
  11. Rachel says:

    I had underarm laser hair removal and was pleased with the results for about a year but have seen quite a bit of regrowth. I am frustrated that I spent what I did and that it was basically for naught. I know the experience is different for different people, but my dark hair and pale skin was supposedly the ideal, and it did not last long enough to be worth it to me. Good luck, whatever you decide.

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  12. Pam says:

    I did laser hair removal about 10 years ago. It was great not to have to shave. Lately 8-12 hairs have sprouted, very fine hairs, and I shave them ever couple of days. Not bad for ten years. I will probably go back for a touch up. That should last me a good long while!

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  13. Meghan says:

    Ignore the sexist name, but I adore the Koko Man’s Lunchbox ( It slips right into my regular purse and the insulation helps to keep food cold.

    August 11, 2014/Reply
  14. Amanda says:

    I had laser hair removal on my underarms, and so far it has been a really good choice. I had probably 5-6 sessions. I have very light skin and dark hair, and I used to have very coarse underarm hair that left a dark shadow even after I shaved. Now I still have to shave, but the hair is very fine, and there’s no shadow afterwards. It was expensive but worth it to me! I went to Kathryn Kailian at Skin Rejuvenation & Acne Clinic on 19th Street in DC. She’s a character, but I trusted her entirely.

    August 12, 2014/Reply
  15. K says:

    I love my monbento box ( and I love it! I like to pack a hearty grain/legume based soup or salad in one for lunch, and some fruit or something in the other for an afternoon snack. I’ve gotten a few compliments and it’s super easy to take care of.

    August 12, 2014/Reply