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BPGP: Philosophy Time in a Bottle

_8432901At 31, the signs of aging subtly, but regularly appear on my post-twentysomething skin.  A few creases from sleeping on my side the night before.  A handful of fine lines on my forehead.  That scratch that just won’t heal no matter how much Neosporin I apply to it.  Yes, time is marching on, and it’s marching right across my cheeks.

So when Sephora offered a two-week sample of Philosophy’s Time in a Bottle ($74) as a 100-point perk in its VIB program, I scooped it up immediately.

It’s been a long time since I’ve loved a Philosophy product.  Hope in a Jar was the first beauty counter skincare product that I ever bought, but that was 13 years ago. (Breathe into the bag, breathe into the bag…)  So imagine my surprise when, after just three days of use, Time in a Bottle usurped three other anti-aging serums as the only product on my bathroom counter.

Time in a Bottle serum is a high-potency vitamin-C gel that you apply to skin morning and/or night.  (I use it at night.)  The serum does a wonderful job of eliminating hyper-pigmentation (from a few old acne scars).  And I’m also starting to see a softening of the lines on my forehead and a bit of smoothing in other areas.  Though it’s too early to declare victory, these are the best results I’ve ever seen in such a short period of time.

And if you’re one of those ladies whose aging is most noticeable around the eye, they also make a serum just for eyes.

Unlike Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Gel, the serum doesn’t dry out my skin or have an offensive odor.  Unlike Peter Thomas Roth’s Laser-Free Resurfacer, it doesn’t leave my skin unnaturally matte.  And I feel like the product is just more effective than Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum.

Since discovering my first wrinkle at 29, I’ve tried over a dozen vitamin-C serums, gels and creams, and this one is the best by far.  Here’s hoping the results continue as I work my way through my three-month supply.



  1. Mary says:

    Belle, I’m also 31, also started using this recently (but I just went in for the big bottle because Philosophy tend to work well for me), and am also thrilled. However, I was excited to see your review because I started to use some other stuff around the same time that I’m also thrilled with, so wasn’t totally sure what was working! But bottom line, my skin looks the best it has looked since I was in 8th grade or, as it is burned in my mind, The Year Before The Pimples Came And Never Really Truly Left. I’m also loving Philosophy’s Microdelivery exfoliating wash and the kicker, this gel I got from my wax spa and was told I could use on my face: https://www.waxcenter.com/products/exfoliate

    It’s life changing.

    March 5, 2014/Reply
  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Belle: Thanks for the recommendation! How do you think this compares with IS Clinical Active Serum? Are you still using the serum with this? Thanks in advance!

    March 5, 2014/Reply
  3. Kelly says:

    A while back you did a run-down of Belle’s morning and nighttime beauty/skin regimen. From recent posts, it seems like you’ve changed things up since then. Would you ever consider doing an updated post like that? If you do consider it, there are two things I’m trying to figure out for myself that would be helpful: 1) must-haves v luxury regimen (I’m thinking time constraints) and 2) why it is important to do things at different times (e.g., why you decided to do a vitamin C gel at night). Thanks for your posts!

    March 5, 2014/Reply
  4. LAG says:

    By any chance did you try Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate while running through the Vitamin-C based products? That’s what I’ve been hooked on for the past year or so, but if there’s something better out there, it would be good to know!

    March 5, 2014/Reply
  5. Amy says:

    Would you give us an updated review when you’ve gone through the 3 month supply? I’d love to hear about the longer term results. Thanks!

    March 5, 2014/Reply
  6. Pretty Squared says:

    would also love to read a skincare routine post!

    March 6, 2014/Reply
  7. Marisa says:

    I would also love to see an updated skincare post! I am currently mid (but about to hit late…) twenties and am in the market for a good Vitamin C serum, and this Philosophy and the Ole Henrickson Truth Serum (which is a brand that I first read about via your blog and have had good experiences with the products so far!) are my current top contenders.

    March 11, 2014/Reply